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ARP Parts and Accessories

Automotive Racing Products, otherwise known as ARP, was founded by Gary Holzapfel in 1968. After Gary witnessed many engine failures due to inferior fasteners, he decided it was time to put his many years as a fastener manufacturer for an aerospace subcontractor in an automotive capacity. From a backyard shop to an over 115,000 square foot facility, ARP now has the ability to forge, machine, finish and package all of their own products. With products for nearly every application, you can be assured that ARP has fasteners that will help your project along.

ARP is dedicated to bringing you only the highest quality in fasteners. With years of research and development under their belts, ARP is well qualified to offer a fastener that will essentially be an insurance policy on your engine. If an engine fails due to the failure of an inferior fastener, suddenly that extra cost for the best fastener seems insignificant compared to an engine rebuild. ARP keeps every aspect of production in house and orders only the highest grade steel. From heading to thread rolling to finishing, ARP has full control over the quality of their products. This is how they've maintained a "zero defect" reputation.

ARP Assembly Lube

ARP Domestic Blower Studs

ARP Tower Stud Cam Cap Bolt Kits

ARP Exhaust Manifold Studs

ARP Flywheel Bolts

ARP High Performance Series Head Bolts

ARP Pro Series Head Bolts

ARP Head Studs

ARP L19 Head Studs

ARP Pro Series Main Studs

ARP Nuts

ARP Pressure Plate Bolt Kits

ARP Pro Series Rod Bolts

ARP Thread Sealants

ARP Washers

ARP Extended Wheel Studs