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Apexi Parts and Accessories

A'PEXi, technically known as A'PEX Integration, Inc. was founded in Japan in 1992. A'PEXi started as a small tuning parts manufacturer and is now one of the biggest names in performance automotive parts. A'PEX Integration is but one of the members of the A'PEX Group of Companies. The A'PEX Co. includes companies that focus on street performance and all out race performance with A'PEX Integration and A'PEX Racing Co., respectively. To maintain responsibility, A'PEX Designing Solutions also addresses environmental consciousness by implementing emission standards in commercial vehicles. With almost two decades of manufacturing experience, A'PEXi is definitely not a fly by night operation. They design and manufacture a wide array of parts for an equally wide array of vehicles. From intakes and exhausts to one of the industry's first fuel management systems, A'PEXi has something to offer every driver.

One of A'PEX's main goals has been to actually get products to consumers. With so many JDM brands, wait times of up to half a year are not uncommon. How can a brand evolve and serve their customers better if it's nearly impossible for those customers to buy a brand's parts? In A'PEX's efforts to grow, they've realized this and you can easily find any A'PEXi product you desire. To further facilitate availability, in 1997 A'PEXi opened their US headquarters in Orange, California. A'PEXi prides themselves on their commitment and passion for the automotive tuning world. As an added benefit, their efforts in product development, racing and tuning knowledge help bring the Japanese and English tuning cultures together.

Apexi Aluminum Air Filter Shields

Apexi Power Replacement Air Filters

Apexi Power Air Intakes

Apexi AVC Type-R Pressure Sensor Boost Controller Accessories

Apexi AVC-R Boost Controller Harnesses

Apexi Boost Controller Solenoids

Apexi AVC-R Boost Controllers

Apexi EL System II Series Boost Gauges

Apexi N-1 Damper Type ExV Coilovers

Apexi GT Race Use Only Downpipes

Apexi N-1 Race Use Only Downpipes

Apexi EL System II Series EGT Gauges

Apexi EGT Sensors

Apexi Power FC Engine Management Stand Alone

Apexi ATS Exhaust Silencers

Apexi Control Valve Exhaust Silencers

Apexi Removal Tool For Exhaust Silencers

Apexi Super Exhaust Silencers

Apexi Bomber III Exhaust Systems

Apexi GT Spec Muffler Series Exhaust Systems

Apexi Honda Fit Exhaust Systems

Apexi Hybrid Megaphone Exhaust Systems

Apexi N-1 Dual Exhaust Systems

Apexi N1 Exhaust Systems

Apexi N1 1 Piece Exhaust Systems

Apexi NOIR Exhaust Systems

Apexi Racing Sport Evolution Exhaust Systems

Apexi Worldsport 2 Exhaust Systems

Apexi AFC Neo Fuel Computers

Apexi EL System II Series Fuel Pressure Gauges

Apexi Gauge Accessories

Apexi EL System II Series Gauge Control Units

Apexi EL Gauge Harnesses

Apexi El Systems Meter Splitters Gauge Harnesses

Apexi Smart Accel Throttle Controller Harnesses

Apexi Metal Head Gaskets

Apexi Intake Air Temperature Sensors

Apexi N-1 Mufflers

Apexi Noir Mufflers

Apexi WS2 Mufflers

Apexi Oil Temperature Sensors

Apexi Performance Meters

Apexi Suspension Tools

Apexi EL Electronic Temperature Gauges

Apexi EL System II Series Temperature Gauges

Apexi Smart Accel Throttle Controllers

Apexi Turbo Timers

Apexi Water Temperature Sensors