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Cosworth Parts and Accessories

Much like other extraordinary companies, Cosworth began their legacy in a small workshop. In 1958, Mike Costin and Keith Duckworth formed Cosworth in that small work shop in London, UK. Soon after, their success forced them to move to a larger facility in North London where they began developing the Ford 105E engine. 2 years after their formation, Cosworth won in the Formula Junior category at Goodwood. Since then, Cosworth has been a force to be recognized in the world of F1, CART, WRC along with many other forms of racing. With their many years of experience in the racing world, Cosworth has begun manufacturing parts for passenger vehicles such as Subarus, Nissans, Mitsubishis and of course Fords among others. Their product line mostly consists of only the highest quality in engine performance. From full long blocks to oil pumps to bearings, when someone hears the name Cosworth, they know you aren't cutting any corners. The fact is, Cosworth is one of the most respected brands in the world and when buy their parts you're not paying for a name. You're paying for top quality.

Cosworth has facilities in both the UK and US. They have been at their Northampton, UK location since 1964 which now consists of 11 factories that are some of the most technologically advanced in the world. Their US headquarters was initially formed in Torrance, CA to provide support to customer teams in the US. The Torrance facility offers a fully stocked warehouse along with design and fabrication abilities.

Cosworth High Flow Synthetic Air Filters

Cosworth Air Pump Block Off Plates

Cosworth High Performance Long Blocks

Cosworth High Performance Short Blocks

Cosworth Billet Aluminum Cam Angle Sensor Brackets

Cosworth High Performance Cams

Cosworth Forged Steel Connecting Rods

Cosworth Crankshafts

Cosworth High Volume Fuel Rails

Cosworth High Performance Multi Layer Head Gaskets

Cosworth Ultra High Performance Head Studs

Cosworth CNC Ported Big Valve Heads

Cosworth Thermal Intake Manifold Gaskets

Cosworth EJ25 High Volume Intake Manifolds

Cosworth VQ35DE Twin Plenum Intake Manifolds

Cosworth Front Mount Intercoolers

Cosworth High Performance Main Bearings

Cosworth Oil Filler Caps

Cosworth Subaru Oil Pan Baffles

Cosworth High Volume Oil Pans

Cosworth Blueprinted High Pressure Oil Pumps

Cosworth Crankshaft Oil Scrapers

Cosworth Piston Pin Circlips

Cosworth Performance Piston Rings

Cosworth Forged Pistons

Cosworth Radiator Caps

Cosworth High Performance Rod Bearings

Cosworth Stroker Kits

Cosworth LowTemp Thermostats

Cosworth High Performance Thrust Bearings

Cosworth Billet Timing Belt Guides

Cosworth Kevlar High Performance Timing Belts

Cosworth High Performance Valve Buckets

Cosworth High RPM Single Valve Springs

Cosworth Ultra High RPM Dual Valve Springs And Retainers

Cosworth High Performance Valves

Cosworth Wrist Pins