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DevilsOwn Parts and Accessories

DevilsOwn was founded by Bilal (pronounced Bill-Al) Muhammad, a hospital corpsman in the United States Navy. Navy corpsman (medics) are commonly called Devil Doc by people in the military, much like a Marine is commonly called a devil dog. Bilal is very proud to serve his country and thus named this company DevilsOwn.

Bilal was recently asked to go overseas to fight in the war on terror. He asked a good friend of his to run the business for him in his absence. Chance McClurkin, a draftsman by trade, stepped up to the occasion and a partnership was made.

Why Choose DevilsOwn Injection?
DevilsOwn injection strives for excellence in everything they do. This means they work to go above and beyond your expectations as a customer. They don't just see each customer as a sale, they see an opportunity to make a difference!

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