HKS Parts and Accessories

In late 1973, Hiroyuki Hasegawa and his partner Mr. Kitagawa were backed by the Sigma Automotive Co., LTD to form HKS. These two young and ambitious engineers had a vision to design and build high performance engine parts. In their day, this was nearly an untapped market. Mr. Hasegawa and Kitagawa were true pioneers that paved the way for sport compact tuning. HKS started in a dairy farm shed located in the shadow of Mount Fuji. They started tuning gasoline powered engines and a year after their formation, designed and built the first aftermarket turbocharger for a passenger vehicle.

As HKS evolved, they introduced new and exciting products to the Japanese tuner. Innovations under their belt include the first commercially available turbo timer and boost controllers. Sophisticated fuel management was also among HKS' early product lineup. As HKS developed these ground breaking products, they kept in mind that these products should be reliable, well integrated and environmentally sound. HKS has also designed their products to be user friendly and accommodate any level of enthusiast. On top of this, HKS has never forgotten that these products are for the customer. Feedback plays an integral role in the development and refinement of all HKS products. In 1982, HKS USA, Inc. was founded. HKS products could now be readily available for the blooming US market. Even after 35 years as a giant in the aftermarket automotive industry, HKS never cuts corners or stops innovating. HKS has grown into a name you can always count on to power your car through the finish line.

HKS Air Filter Adapters

HKS SMF Air Filters

HKS Super Hybrid Air Filters

HKS Premium Suction Air Intakes

HKS Racing Suction Air Intakes

HKS Super Mega Flow Air Intakes

HKS C-Clip Blow Off Valve Clips

HKS Replacement Blow Off Valve Diaphragms

HKS Triple Fin SSQV Blow Off Valve Inserts And Horns

HKS SSQV Blow Off Valve Kits

HKS Blow Off Valve Mounting Flanges

HKS Bypass Blow Off Valve Mounting Flanges

HKS Blow Off Valve O Rings

HKS SSQV Blow Off Valve Recirculation Kits

HKS Super SSQV4 Blow Off Valves

HKS Boost Controller Accessories

HKS EVC Boost Controller Install Kits

HKS EVC VI Boost Controllers

HKS EVC-S Boost Controllers

HKS Adjustable Cam Gears

HKS Cams

HKS Replacement Plate Clutch Disks

HKS GD-Max Twin Clutch Kits

HKS Hipermax III Coilovers

HKS Hipermax III Sport Coilovers

HKS Hypermax S-Compact Coilovers

HKS Downpipes

HKS EGT Sensors

HKS Downpipe Exhaust Adapters

HKS Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifolds

HKS Exhaust Silencers

HKS Carbon-Ti Hiper Exhaust Systems

HKS Es Wagon Muffler Exhaust Systems

HKS Hi-Power Hiper Exhaust Systems

HKS Legal Exhaust Systems

HKS Legamax Exhaust Systems

HKS Sport Series Exhaust Systems

HKS Super Drager Exhaust Systems

HKS Titanium Racing Muffler Exhaust Systems

HKS Turbo Exhaust Systems

HKS AFR Fuel Computers

HKS F-CON Chips Only Fuel Computers

HKS FCD Fuel Cut Controllers

HKS Fuel Injectors

HKS Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulators

HKS In Tank Fuel Pumps

HKS Fuel Rails

HKS Display Stand Gauge Accessories

HKS Meter Hoods Gauge Accessories

HKS Chrono DB Meter Interface Gauge Control Units

HKS 46mm Gauge Cups

HKS Ground Wires

HKS EVC VI Harnesses

HKS Metal Head Gaskets

HKS Headers

HKS Heat Shields

HKS Rear Bumper Heat Shields

HKS Twin Power DLI Ignition Systems

HKS Twin Power Harness Ignition Systems

HKS VPC Accessories Intake Air Temperature Sensors

HKS Intercooler Cores

HKS Intercooler Endtanks

HKS Rubber Intercooler Hoses

HKS Silicone Intercooler Hoses

HKS Hard pipe Intercooler Piping Kits

HKS Front Mount Intercoolers

HKS Side Mount Intercoolers

HKS Type R Intercoolers

HKS Carbon Ti Mufflers

HKS Stainless Ti Mufflers

HKS Universal Stainless Hi-Power Mufflers

HKS GT Turbo Oil Feed Lines

HKS Limited Edition Radiator Caps

HKS Clutch Rebuild Kits

HKS Kit Rocker Arm Stoppers

HKS Extended Rods for Slave Cylinders

HKS Iridium Spark Plugs

HKS M-Series Super Fire Racing Spark Plugs

HKS SLD Speed Limiter Cut Controllers

HKS Stroker Kits

HKS Height Adjustment Suspension Tools

HKS Apparel and T Shirts

HKS Tee Fittings

HKS Oil Cooler Thermostats

HKS Fine Tune Timing Belts

HKS GT2835 Turbine Housings

HKS TO4R Turbine Housings

HKS Turbo Accessories

HKS GT Turbo Exhaust Outlet Turbo Flanges

HKS GT25 28 Series Outlet Turbo Flanges

HKS Square 4-Bolt to V-Band Turbo Flanges

HKS T04 to T51R Turbo Flanges

HKS T25 Turbo Flanges

HKS T3 Turbo Flanges

HKS T3 to T04 Turbo Flanges

HKS GT Exhaust Outlet Turbo Gaskets

HKS GT Set Turbo Gaskets

HKS GT25 28 Series Outlet Flange Turbo Gaskets

HKS Outlet Turbo Gaskets

HKS T25 Inlet Turbo Gaskets

HKS T45S T51S Set Turbo Gaskets

HKS TO4E TO4ES Set Turbo Gaskets

HKS GT Full Turbo Kits

HKS GT-SS Turbo Kits

HKS GT3037S Turbo Kits

HKS TO4Z Turbo Kits

HKS Turbo Timer Harnesses

HKS 2008 Type 0 Turbo Timers

HKS 2008 Type 1 Turbo Timers

HKS GT Ball Bearing Turbos Only

HKS Uppipes

HKS Vacuum Caps

HKS Mini Vacuum Filters

HKS Valve Springs

HKS Barb Fitting Wastegate Accessories

HKS GT Outlet V-Band Clamp 73.0mm Wastegate Accessories

HKS Internal Wastegate Actuators

HKS Wastegate Diaphragms

HKS GTGTII Wastegate Flanges

HKS Inlet Flange Adapters Wastegate Flanges

HKS Racing Wastegate Flanges

HKS Standard Wastegate Flanges

HKS Standard Racing Adapter Wastegate Flanges

HKS Standard Outlet Wastegate Gaskets

HKS GT Wastegate Springs

HKS GT II Wastegate Springs

HKS Racing Wastegate Springs

HKS Standard Wastegate Springs

HKS GT II Wastegates

HKS Water Temp Water Neck Adapters