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Tanabe Parts and Accessories

When you hear the name Tanabe, thoughts of quality immediately enter your mind. With over 2 decades of experience building high performance automobile parts, Tanabe is definitely a name to consider when building your car for the street or the track.

Tanabe was founded in 1982 in Ikeda-City in the Osaka-Prefecture in Japan. Their initial line up consisted of upgrade suspension components, clutches and flywheels. As Tanabe began to grow, they in turn began to expand their product line to further accommodate tuners and racers alike. In 1987, Tanabe purchased land in Nishishoji, Osaka to begin construction of a new headquarters and moved in a year later. In 1989 the Japanese Automotive Sports Muffler Association (JASMA) was formed to create guidelines for aftermarket exhausts to meet the strict government standards for passing car inspections. Tanabe's dedication to quality led them to be one of the initial members of JASMA.

Tanabe's success has continued to allow them to grow and prosper and required them to construct an even larger headquarters in Higashionohara Minoo, Osaka in 1992 where they still design, manufacture and distribute high quality suspension and exhaust components.

Tanabe Sustec Pro Five Coilovers

Tanabe Sustec Pro S-0C Coilovers

Tanabe Sustec Pro Z40 Coilovers

Tanabe Downpipes

Tanabe Adapters Exhaust Gaskets

Tanabe Concept G Exhaust Systems

Tanabe Concept G Blue Exhaust Systems

Tanabe Medalion Touring Exhaust Systems

Tanabe Universal Mufflers

Tanabe DF210 Dress-Up Form Springs

Tanabe GF210 Grip Feeling Springs

Tanabe NF210 Normal Feeling Springs

Tanabe Front Strut Tower Bars

Tanabe Rear Strut Tower Bars

Tanabe Sustec Front Sway Bars

Tanabe Sustec Rear Sway Bars

Tanabe Sustec 2 Point Under Braces

Tanabe Sustec 4 Point Under Braces