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TurboSmart Parts and Accessories

Founded in Sydney, Australia, in 1997, with a range of just two products, Turbosmart and its unique blend of quality and reliability has become a world-wide brand synonymous with automotive performance.

Today, Turbosmart products are distributed in over 50 countries around the world and can be found in many world-record breaking vehicles in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Puerto Rico to name a few. Their achievements on and off the track are a testimony to Turbosmart’s design, manufacturing and testing principles. The feedback received from the racers and tuners alike contributes to the on-going development of Turbosmart products, reinforcing the philosophy of continual improvement.

Behind every Turbosmart product stands a long and rich racing history. While a majority of Turbosmart products are used on street cars, their design and testing procedure is identical to the high-end purpose-made racing products. Before reaching the consumer, Turbosmart products are subjected to a range of tests performed in the most demanding environment – the race track.

Since its inception, Turbosmart has been involved in various forms of motorsport. Through sponsorship programs, we have been able to secure R&D access to many top-ranking vehicles. The lessons learnt while designing and manufacturing parts to handle extreme horsepower, torque and speed requirements translate to street technology that is not only functional and reliable but also extremely durable and versatile.

TurboSmart Blow Off Valve Adapters

TurboSmart Blow Off Valve Diaphragms

TurboSmart Blow Off Valve Hose Plugs

TurboSmart Blow Off Valve Mounting Flanges

TurboSmart Blow Off Valve Springs

TurboSmart Big Bubba Blow Off Valves

TurboSmart Dual Port Blow Off Valves

TurboSmart Kompact Dual Port Blow Off Valves

TurboSmart Kompact Plumb Back Blow Off Valves

TurboSmart Plumb Back Blow Off Valves

TurboSmart Race Port Blow Off Valves

TurboSmart Supersonic Blow Off Valves

TurboSmart Vee Port Blow Off Valves

TurboSmart Boost Controller Accessories

TurboSmart Replacement Parts Boost Controller Accessories

TurboSmart Boost Tee Manual Boost Controllers

TurboSmart Dual Stage Manual Boost Controllers

TurboSmart E-Boost2 Boost Controllers

TurboSmart In-Cabin Manual Boost Controllers

TurboSmart Kits Boost Controllers

TurboSmart Boost Gauges

TurboSmart Electronic Fuel Cut Controllers

TurboSmart Pneumatic Fuel Cut Controllers

TurboSmart Fuel Pressure Gauges

TurboSmart Fuel Pressure Regulators

TurboSmart Fuel Rail Accessories

TurboSmart Gauge Cups

TurboSmart Fuel Pressure Regulator Hose Fittings

TurboSmart 45 Degree Elbow Intercooler Hoses

TurboSmart 90 Degree Elbow Intercooler Hoses

TurboSmart Hump Intercooler Hoses

TurboSmart Reducer Intercooler Hoses

TurboSmart Straight Intercooler Hoses

TurboSmart T Adapter Intercooler Hoses

TurboSmart Silicone Vacuum Lines

TurboSmart VBand Clamps

TurboSmart Wastegate Flanges

TurboSmart Wastegate Springs

TurboSmart Compgate 40 Wastegates

TurboSmart Hyper-Gate 45 Wastegates

TurboSmart Power-Gate 60 Wastegates

TurboSmart Pro-Gate 50 Wastegates

TurboSmart Ultra-Gate 38 Wastegates