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Walbro Corporation was founded in 1950 by Walter E. Walpole in Fenton, Michigan. Walpole's main goal in starting his own company was to become a major name in carburetors for small engines. To realize that dream, Walpole took a great risk and cashed out his pension along with the mortgage on his home. In the beginning his family had to endure hardships for Walpole to realize his dream. His big break occured when he moved his business to Cass City, Michigan. A city that desprately needed new industry. Just what Walpole had to offer.

Eventually, Walbro would become one of the biggest names in engine fuel delivery. Although they provide products to other industries, their biggest claim to fame in the sport compact market is their OEM replacement fuel pump. Boasting a much higher flow rate than OEM units, and simple plug and play installation, Walbro fuel pumps have become a favorite among street and track tuners alike.

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