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Zionsville Parts and Accessories

Zionsville Autosport is the source for all your BMW cooling needs. They offer everything from all aluminum construction radiators to complete cooling kits featuring alloy shrouds and overflow tanks, integrated electric fans and oil coolers! Zionsville radiators are constructed of materials that provide better heat dissipation over stock units.

Zionsville radiators do not become weak or brittle due to constant temperature cycling. Glass reinforced nylon will eventually deteriorate resulting in a cracked or broken radiator neck. This failure has become more common due to the increased temperatures in the current generation of BMW engines. The normal operating temperature of a Double Vanos engine is around 110° C (230° F). Unfortunately, there is no way to determine the actual engine temperature without special equipment. According to the BMW WDS, the instrument cluster temperature display will read normal between 75°-113° C (167°-235.4° F). Nylon just doesn't hold up under these conditions.

In short, our radiators dissipate more heat and they won't break. And should our radiator break, the original purchaser is covered by a lifetime guarantee. This even includes radiators that have been installed in track cars. (Racers: make sure your radiator is covered before you buy.)

Zionsville Type 11 E46 M3 Radiators

Zionsville Type 16 E46 M3 Radiators

Zionsville Type 17 E46 M3 Radiators