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Endless SS-S Sport Brake Pads
Endless Endless SS-S Sport Brake Pads
Vehicle:(89-94) Nissan 240SX
Details:w/ ABS- Front


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This is a great belt.

Michael Garafalo
What was normal for this 02 Elantra was.Full throttle only in first gear with a running start, dry pavement, it just accelerated so, so. In wet weather in a straight line, throttle only it would spin the tires in first gear mostly if I hit a painted line at the intersection, or there was a slick spot. After the light flywheel was installed.Full throttle only in first gear with a running start, dry pavement, will spin and chirp the tires as they take turns breaking free "left and right" and accelerates MUCH FASTER In first and second I now also have to be careful not to give it too much throttle on tight corners or the inner one will spin. In wet weather in a straight line it will easily spin the tires in first and second gear like I was on ice. It also accelerates much faster in every gear, even 5th. I do have to feather the throttle more from a dead stop as there is less mass in the flywheel, but WHO CARES, IM HAULING BUT WITH A STONE STOCK ENGINE

Dan Mermelstein
testing this

Marshall Jones
This item was delivered quickly, bolted right up no issues, and decreased my roll by an enormous amount . This is a fantastic product.

Chris Greenfield
These things are great. Made a hugely noticeable difference in wheel hop and how solid the rear end feels. Gave me way more feel and confidence in what the car was doing when drifting. Id call this a mandatory upgrade.

Jonathan Cotton
6 Month Update: Changed from a 10 to a 7. The bar rubs on the power steering line and once it was metal on metal it started squeaking. By the time I located the squeak it had actually worn quite a bit of the PS line, didnt go through. Also the paint is flaking with large chunks. Even adjusting it as far from the line as possible isnt a fix. I bent my PS line about 1/4" over and now it clears.Great bar. Installed quickly and easily. The only thing I would be careful of is if you want it on a smooth DD you dont want stiff springs. The front end is super stiff now with my mild coilovers. My car used to be rather smooth on the streets and now its a bit stiffer than I would like. Matched it with a Progress rear bar. Works great on the track though, car is solid.

Jason Lane
i loved these springs my handling A LOT, it made the car look a lot better my lowering i would definitely recommend this brand of springs

Bill Vanramshorst
Easy to install, performs well on my 98 impreza

Aaron Peterson
This wonderful tool only receives a 8 instead of a 10. For uninstalling the crank pulley on my 1995 Subaru Legacy Outback it failed. The smaller 4 bolt pattern did fit just fine, however the bolts themselves are not long enough nor are they strong enough to hold up to pulley removal. However when installing my new GrimmSpeed lightweight crank pulley it worked like a charm. It synced up and locked into the pulley cleanly and 94 ft-lbs later it was in place perfectly.I would recommend that GrimmSpeed change out the smaller bolts to a grade 8 quality and make them about 1/8 to 1/4 inch longer.

Steven Stalker
easy to install perfect fit

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