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AAM Competition Test Pipes

The highly anticipated AAM Spec Test Pipes are finally here! After servicing and installing several of their competitors designs, AAM decided to make a higher-quality test pipe that meets the demanding reliability expectations of their customers.

In addition to having poor fitment, many of the test-pipes on the market are constructed of thinner, lower grade stainless tubing. Not only are these units highly susceptible to fatigue and cracking on near stock vehicles, some customers with supercharged and turbocharged applications have torn apart the weld joints of these inferior test-pipes. Made out of mandrel bent 16-gauge 304 stainless steel to ensure the highest reliability and quality, the AAM Spec Test Pipes replace your vehicles restrictive units to allow the highest possible exhaust flow.

Dyno testing has shown 8 to 10 RWHP gains on a near stock Nissan 350Z and 20+hp gains on a turbocharged Nissan 350Z! The AAM Spec Test Pipes are for off-road use only and are a direct bolt-on replacement of the factory units.

All Infiniti AAM Competition Test Pipes
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Infiniti G35MSRPPrice
(2003-2006) 2.5"$224.99$210.93  Add to Cart
(2007-2008) 2.5"$279.99$262.49  Add to Cart
All Nissan AAM Competition Test Pipes
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Nissan 350ZMSRPPrice
(2003-2006) 2.5"$224.99$210.93  Add to Cart
(2007-2008) 2.5"$279.99$262.49  Add to Cart
AAM Competition Test Pipe Reviews
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708/23/2010350Zi can feel the gain especially at high rpms, but around 2,500 rpm's the rasp sound is unbearable. Also, it does not have a gasket that will fit into the rest of the system as securely as stock cats and that wasn't stated in the description. Other than that, it a decent part.

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Parts Available: AAM35E-MFTP25, AAM35E-MFTP2507, AAM35E-MFTP25, AAM35E-MFTP2507