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AAM Competition S-Line Air Intakes

The AAM Competition R35 S-Line Intake system is designed to increase air flow to the GT-R's turbochargers by replacing the restrictive factory air boxes in favor of free flowing external air filters and smooth, one-piece, lightweight aluminum intake pipes.

The straight one-piece design provides the most efficient path through the Mass Air Flow Meter, reducing turbulence and increasing the accuracy of metering. The S-Line Intake System also includes multi-layer cotton air filters, which are specifically designed for the least amount of air resistance possible, increasing overall air volume over factory airboxes and factory intake filters. The Authentic K&N Air Filters can be cleaned and re-used almost an unlimited amount of times, eliminating the need for air filter replacement.

For factory equipped GT-Rs, the 2.75" S-Line Intake is the complete intake upgrade. Increased throttle response, lower IAT temps, quicker spool up, as well as an increase in accessible power are benefits of pairing our Intakes with factory turbochargers, with no custom tune necessary.

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