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ACT HDG4 - Heavy Duty With Sprung 4 Puck Disc Clutch Kits Zoom ACT

ACT HDG4 - Heavy Duty With Sprung 4 Puck Disc Clutch Kits

When your engine puts out high performance, you need a Clutch Kit that can handle it properly. All ACT Clutch Kits provide a generous increase in clamp load which directly increases torque capacity. ACT Clutch kits are offered in a number of configurations. There is sure to be one developed specifically for your vehicle.

ACT HDG4 Clutch Kits use a Heavy Duty Pressure Plate superior to the stock pressure plate. The clutch disk is made of a copper ceramic material which holds approximately 27% more torque than an organic lining.

ACT recommends 6-pad ACT Xtreme Race Discs for larger sizes to absorb more heat and for smoother engagement. The 4-pad ACT Xtreme Race Discs engage harsher, shift faster, and are well suited for smaller disc sizes from smaller engines.

ACT Heavy Duty HD Clutch Kits (previously known as the 2100 series) include an HD Pressure Plate.

    Heavy Duty (HD) Pressure Plate Features:
  • Great for Street Performance
  • 20% to 50% Clamp Load Increase
  • Best Disc to Use: Street or Sprung Race Disc
  • Stock to Moderate Pedal Feel
  • Many SFI Certified to Ensure Safety

  • 4-Puck Sprung Hub Race Disc (G4) Features:
  • Recommended for Road Racing Not For Street
  • Increased Torque Capacity and Spline Life
  • Quiet Operation, Reduced Driveline Shock
  • Harsh Engagement and Chatter - ACT Copper Ceramic Xtreme Race Discs engage fairly harsh and are not recommended for street use.

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