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Lexus ACT HDG6 - Heavy Duty with Sprung 6 Puck Disc Clutch Kits Zoom ACT

Lexus ACT HDG6 - Heavy Duty with Sprung 6 Puck Disc Clutch Kits

ACT clutches and flywheels offer proven performance for both street and full race applications. ACT employs vehicle testing, dynamometer results, laboratory testing, and the latest in CAD, 3D modeling, and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) software to develop many of their products long before they come to market. There is no guesswork and very few surprises.

Heavy Duty - HD Disc Features
  • Clamps load increase of 20% to 50%
  • Pedal feels stock to moderate
  • Many SFI Certified to insure safety
  • Recommended disc: Street or Race

Spring Centered (6 Pad) - G6 Features:
  • Recommended for Road Racing and high power Street
  • Increased torque capacity and spline life
  • Very good durability
  • Quiet operation, reduced driveline shock
  • Harsh engagement, chatter

All Lexus ACT HDG6 - Heavy Duty with Sprung 6 Puck Disc Clutch Kits
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All ACT HDG6 - Heavy Duty with Sprung 6 Puck Disc Clutch Kits
ACT HDG6 - Heavy Duty with Sprung 6 Puck Disc Clutch Kit Reviews
  (9.2 of 10) 25 Reviews    Write Review
1005/02/2013S2000Great still breaking it in grabs perfect
904/21/2013CorvetteVery little chatter, but pedal is significantly stiffer than stock. Great upgrade
904/11/2013IntegraClutch works great! Except for alittle chatter here and there. Other wise would have gave a 10. Would recomend for for stock to mild build. Great pedal feal and engagement. A+++ service !
804/10/2013CorvetteI have used dozens of ACT clutches and I love them. This clutch is very aggressive. I would NEVER use this for a street car. Its a pain even on our track car. Great once your are moving.
1003/15/2013STiGreat stuff
903/11/2013240SXNo problems with product or quality. Only negative was a huge pedal pressure increase.
1010/19/2010EclipseThis clutch locks-up tight if I feather it or side-step it!! I bought the heavy duty motor mounts and I'm glad I did! Its a hole-shot car now... Thanks again to Kirk, he knows what hes talking about and everything is perfect.
1007/27/2010MR2parts were good just as shown and describe. the services was satisfactory ,knowledgeable, fast and responsive customer service.
25 Reviews

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Parts Available: TY3-HDG6, TS5-HDG6, TS3-HDG6