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ACT HDR4 - Heavy Duty with 4 Puck Disc Clutch Kits Zoom ACT

ACT HDR4 - Heavy Duty with 4 Puck Disc Clutch Kits

The ACT HDR4 Clutch Kit is for those seeking a Pressure Plate that won't cause your left leg to grow to 2x the size of your right and a disc that is fully capable of grabbing your flywheel with ease.

Calculated results are given for each clutch by publishing the increase in clamp load and estimated torque capacity in ACT's catalog and on their website. These are not mere marketing claims, but accurate estimates based from solid engineering principles, confirming what ACT already knows from the track. Each pressure plate is load tested and cycled to ensure parts meet ACT's strict quality standards.

    Heavy Duty - HD Disc Features
  • Clamps load increase of 20% to 50%
  • Pedal feels stock to moderate
  • Many SFI Certified to insure safety
  • Recommended disc: Street or Race

  • Solid Hub (4 Pad) Disc Features:
  • Recommended for Drag and Road Racing
  • Increased torque capacity
  • Fastest shifts, low inertia
  • Good durability but shortened spline life
  • Harsh engagement, chatter

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ACT HDR4 - Heavy Duty with 4 Puck Disc Clutch Kit Reviews
  (9.3 of 10) 3 Reviews    Write Review
1012/28/2009Civicthis was a great clutch kit, was used with 7lb zoom flywheel and it reved up so much quicker. this was in a stock 98 civic hatch and it would spin them in 3rd. great clutch and a great price!
1008/04/2007MR2Works great! Pretty agressive grab, Still streetable, lot's of chatter. VERY stong holding power.

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