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Most stock flywheels are heavy cast iron parts designed for optimum street driveability by soaking up some of the power from the engine and putting it in storage in the form of inertia. Although this may be important for transporting the groceries, this driveability comes at the expense of engine response and acceleration. Light weight flywheels keep less inertia in storage but the lighter rotating mass provides significantly improved engine response and acceleration characteristics. Until now most aftermarket flywheels for sport compact vehicles presented certain undesirable concessions to the user. Many are too light or fragile for the application, others have reliability issues and all are very expensive.

Finally, ACT offers exactly what performance enthusiasts need: all the benefits of a premium quality light weight flywheel at an affordable price.

ACT currently manufactures XACT flywheels in two versions, ProLite for road racing applications and very quick throttle response, and slightly heavier StreetLite for street and drag racing vehicles which may require more inertia. For example, the Integra ProLite weighs 8.8lbs and the Integra StreetLite weighs 12.5lbs. Both ProLite and StreetLite flywheels are precision made from Chrome-moly forgings and feature an induction hardened integral ring gear. All ProLite and StreetLite flywheels are CNC machined, heat treated for strength and precision balanced. Substantial material is left behind the clutch surface area for better heat dissipation and durability while weight savings is made where it matters the most for reduced inertia.

XACT flywheels are certified by ACT to meet SFI Spec. 1.1. This makes XACT Flywheels legal for competition when SFI Spec. 1.1 is required or recommended. XACT flywheels come complete with official SFI sticker and serial number as required for certification.

All Acura ACT Street Lite Flywheels
View All Acura Integra Flywheels
Acura IntegraMSRPPrice
(1990-2001) B-Series DOHC$231.00$196.35  Add to Cart
View All Acura RSX Flywheels
Acura RSXMSRPPrice
Flywheels$355.00$301.75  Add to Cart
All BMW ACT Street Lite Flywheels
View All BMW M3 Flywheels
(2001-2006) 14.8 Lbs$570.00$445.00  Add to Cart
All Honda ACT Street Lite Flywheels
View All Honda Accord Flywheels
Honda AccordMSRPPrice
(1992-2000) (2.2) 12.8lbs$322.36$274.01  Add to Cart
View All Honda Civic Flywheels
Honda CivicMSRPPrice
(1990-2001) SOHC (11.9lbs)$235.00$199.75  Add to Cart
(1999-2000) Si DOHC$231.00$196.35  Add to Cart
(2001-2005) SOHC D17$235.00$199.75  Add to Cart
View All Honda CRX Flywheels
Honda CRXMSRPPrice
(1990-1991) SOHC$235.00$199.75  Add to Cart
View All Honda Prelude Flywheels
Honda PreludeMSRPPrice
(1992-2002) 12.8lbs$322.36$274.01  Add to Cart
All Infiniti ACT Street Lite Flywheels
View All Infiniti G35 Flywheels
Infiniti G35MSRPPrice
(2003-2007) 16.9lbs$606.67$515.67  Add to Cart
All Mazda ACT Street Lite Flywheels
View All Mazda RX-7 Flywheels
Mazda RX-7MSRPPrice
(1986-1992) Turbo (Requires purchase of ACT Counterweight-51565/51578)$308.64$241.00  Add to Cart
(1993-1995) Turbo (Requires purchase of ACT Counterweight-51577)$308.64$262.34  Add to Cart
View All Mazda RX-8 Flywheels
Mazda RX-8MSRPPrice
(2004-2006) Turbo (Requires purchase of ACT Counterweight-CW03)$308.64$262.34  Add to Cart
All Mitsubishi ACT Street Lite Flywheels
View All Mitsubishi Eclipse Flywheels
Mitsubishi EclipseMSRPPrice
(1989-1992) Turbo FWD 6 Bolt$305.00$238.00  Add to Cart
Turbo, AWD, 6 Bolt$305.00$238.00  Add to Cart
(1995-1999) Turbo, AWD, 7 Bolt (11.9lbs)$305.00$238.00  Add to Cart
Turbo, FWD, 7 Bolt$305.00$238.00  Add to Cart
View All Mitsubishi EVO Flywheels
Mitsubishi EVOMSRPPrice
(2003-2006) 13.1lbs$437.75$372.09  Add to Cart
(2008 and up) 4B11 - 2.0L Turbo$431.57$366.83  Add to Cart
All Nissan ACT Street Lite Flywheels
View All Nissan 240SX Flywheels
Nissan 240SXMSRPPrice
(1989-1998) SR20DET 14lbs$421.27$358.08  Add to Cart
View All Nissan 350Z Flywheels
Nissan 350ZMSRPPrice
(Sep 2006-2008) 17.1lbs - VQ35HR$469.00$366.00  Add to Cart
(2003-2006) 16.9 lbs$606.67$515.67  Add to Cart
All Subaru ACT Street Lite Flywheels
View All Subaru Impreza Flywheels
Subaru ImprezaMSRPPrice
(1999) Flywheels$331.59$259.00  Add to Cart
View All Subaru Legacy Flywheels
Subaru LegacyMSRPPrice
(2006-2007) GT 13.9 lbs$341.97$290.67  Add to Cart
View All Subaru STi Flywheels
Subaru STiMSRPPrice
(2004-2006) Flywheels$436.00$370.60  Add to Cart
View All Subaru WRX Flywheels
Subaru WRXMSRPPrice
(2002-2005) Flywheels$334.75$284.54  Add to Cart
(2006-2007) 13.9 lbs$341.97$290.67  Add to Cart
All Toyota ACT Street Lite Flywheels
View All Toyota Supra Flywheels
Toyota SupraMSRPPrice
(1993-1998) 19lbs$410.00$320.00  Add to Cart
ACT Street Lite Flywheel Reviews
  (9.5 of 10) 26 Reviews    Write Review
1004/06/2013Integracan tell a little difference in pedal feel, engages faster fun to drive in any level of traffic.
1003/15/2013EclipseExactly as promised
1003/15/2013EclipseExactly as promised
802/11/2013WRXI drive a 2006 WRX and with the 5 speed transmission it whines kinda loud in 1st the higher the rpm the louder but i do notice the power difference with each shift.
902/11/2013CivicI replaced this at this same time I changed the clutch and swapped from the 4 spd to a 5 spd transaxle. Install went fine other than I first tried to install the pilot bushing from the wrong side of the flywheel, so perhaps a note could to be added to newbies (such as myself) pointing out that the flywheel has two different sides (should be obvious I suppose, but wasn't to me at first.) In combination with the new clutch it gave a zippy feel to the shifts w/o making it unable to drive normally. I like it.
905/15/2012Civicit works great.
907/07/2010PreludeThis flywheel was kind of an experiment for me, as in the past I have always bought lightweight aluminum flywheels in the 7-9lb range. This particular item is a 12.8lb steel unit, and while it IS more responsive that the factory unit (~17-18lbs according to my scale), it doesn't offer quite the throttle response or acceleration increases I've noted from previous light flywheels. That being said, it IS a well finished product, and fits great, but next time I will be getting a lighter unit.
1006/30/2010Eclipsegreat flywheel bolts up like oem and was lighter than the stock flywheel
1010/30/2009RSXgood product ;)
26 Reviews

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