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AEM Analog Boost Gauges

AEM's Analog Face Gauges offer quick and smooth needle movement that is easy to read in daylight and night. Each gauge offers a sweep of 320 degrees, resulting in the most resolution possible. All AEM analog gauges offer seven backlight colors. All wiring and sensors are included for easy installation.

What It Does
The AEM Analog Boost Gauge features an AEM 35psi brass sensor, making it among one of the fastest and most accurate boost gauges available. The backlighting is user adjustable to 7 colors, allowing users to easily match the Boost gauge to most factory gauge clusters. Each gauge comes with interchangeable black & silver bezels and is available in black or white gauge faceplates.

AEM Boost Gauges are available in two levels of boost:
  • -30inHg to 35psi (SAE) and -1 to 2.4BAR (Metric)
    for vehicles running conservative levels of boost
  • 0inHg to 60psi (SAE) and -1 to 4.1BAR (Metric)
    for those running high levels of boost.

Boost gauge includes AEM 35psi (2.4BAR) or 75psi (4.1BAR) brass sensor.

  • Adjustable backlighting via a dial on the back of the gauge
  • Available in white or black gauge faces
  • Includes black and silver interchangeable bezels
  • 320 degree viewing area for unsurpassed resolution
  • Boost gauge includes AEM 35psi brass sensor
  • 0-5v analog output included for use with data loggers and virtually any engine management system

Universal AEM Boost Gauges
Metric -1 to 2.4 Bar$231.44  Add to Cart
Metric 0 to 4.1 Bar$319.13  Add to Cart
SAE -30 to +35 PSI$231.44  Add to Cart
SAE 0 to 15 PSI$231.44  Add to Cart
SAE 0 to 60 PSI$277.50  Add to Cart
AEM Analog Boost Gauge Reviews
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1010/02/2010Excellent quality without the fanfare of gauges that usually blink 100 times before they are actually on.Perfect fitment to my tach and speedo colours,real sporty look.52mm is readable but needs to get used to it(2 days)Senstive and accurate readings,light intensity was set so that they do not distract the driver.Thanks for helping me sort out my options,HPF

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