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AEM's Engine Position Module (EPM) replaces an engine's distributor and allows for the use of coil-on-plug or wasted-park ignition systems on popular V8 and Honda B-, D-, H-, and F-series engines. It provides precise engine position using dual zero-speed optical sensors, which offers the advantage of immediate signal generation regardless of engine speed. The EPM easily adapts to any positive-drive, half-engine speed device such as a cam or distributor drive, and can be used with any aftermarket engine management system that recognizes the common 24 & 1 pattern for crank and cam signals.

Installation is simple via a four-wire connection (12V, ground, crank signal, and cam signal).

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(1994-2000) All B-series$437.50$315.00  Add to Cart
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(1990-2000) All F-Series$437.50$315.00  Add to Cart
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