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Oil residue in the combustion chamber of an engine is bad news, and can lead to really bad news with respect to how your engine runs. We have been testing a real solution for a while now that will actually separate the oil from the air flowing between the PCV and intake manifold. It sounds easy enough, as many people have tried to adapt simple catch cans and industrial water valves to remove the oil from the air. Those products do work OK but only separate a small amount with respect to how much oil is actually passing through the system. Enter the AGP Oil Accumulator.

Our three-chamber oil separator gathers the airborn oil particles through the middle chamber. Oil is separated from the air through the filtering media and drains through a perferated aluminum plate on the bottom side of the middle chamber then accumulating in the bottom chamber. As this oil gets filtered through the middle chamber, clean air is then filtered again and exits through the top chamber. This three-chamber system design provides the best protection against unwanted oil making its way to the combustion process.

The bottom of the Oil Accumulator has a threaded 1/4" NPT bung and a plug to allow the user an easy way to drain the oil.

The Oil Accumulator is completely constructed of aluminum and is highly polished to provide some extra shine to your engine bay. This will fit your application perfectly and comes with hose and hose clamps for an easy installation.

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AGP Turbo Oil Catch Tank Reviews
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203/13/2012EVOProduct didn't mount up as cleanly as advertised. I had to make a spacer to put the can at a height that allowed the hoses to clear everything reasonably well. More importantly, it is an ineffective catch can. My old catch can pulled off way more oil and condensate than the AGP can. AGP can is already off the car.

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