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The AMS Nissan GT-R Upgraded MAF Sensors were designed to eliminate the driveability problems with big horsepower GT-R s. What is the point of all of that power if the car does not drive well? How can you enjoy your car when the computer triggers limp mode and shuts down the fun? These mass air flow sensors are designed and calibrated to handle big power yet retain daily drivability that has been lacking with high horsepower GT-R s.

Once you start to approach the 800bhp threshold, driveability problems occur. Increased air flow begins to render the automatic transmission setting inoperable and even worse trigger limp mode. This problem plagues all current big horsepower GT-R s.

While other vendors have just changed pipe sizing and stock MAF sensor location in an effort to fool the computer it just partially improves the root problem. AMS quickly realized that this did not provide the perfect drivability that customers expect and deserve.

Through research and development and extensive testing, they took the route of properly scaling new MAF sensors to eliminate the limp mode and regain the use of the automatic transmission setting. This perfectly re-scaled custom AMS MAF sensors allow you to run a properly designed intake setup with no restriction to hp, and also allow the car to drive like stock.

  • Custom MAF curve which will allow for up to 1200bhp
  • Properly scaled to retain stock like drivability with proper ECU calibration
  • Gets rid of pesky transmission related codes and poor driveability
  • Extensively tested and currently in use in several vehicles with EXCELLENT results.
  • Can be used with ANY turbo system available
  • Plugs into factory wiring harness connectors. No cutting or splicing of the vehicle harness necessary

While these new sensors do allow for a better and more driveable high HP GT-R a new tune will be required to achieve this. Please contact AMS for more information on how we can custom tune your Cobb Access port for these custom calibrated sensors.

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