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AMS Evo GT Series Turbo Kits

This kit is of the highest quality and has extensive research and results to back it up. Using the latest Garrett GT series turbos, offering amazing spool up, and great peak power potential. This turbo kit is available to fit the Evo generations seven, eight, and nine.

Because of the super efficient header and collector design paired to the correct exhaust housings on true dual ball bearing center cartridges, this turbo kit allows the turbo to spool up as quickly as possible and also produce its maximum power. This makes it THE turbo kit for your Mitsubishi Evolution no matter what its purpose. From autocross to road racing to drag racing our turbo kit has the ability to produce the power needed, when you need it. This kit equipped with the GT35R turbo will spool up slightly later than the stock turbo and have 400whp+ potential on 93-octane pump gas. When you add race gas to the mix, around 650 whp is achievable.

This is the most complete kit on the market, period. The AMS kit has many parts that other companies do not include and comes preassembled featuring a 304 stainless steel thick wall header, which carries a lifetime limited warranty against cracking, a Garrett GT series ball bearing turbo, and all the essential accessories.

    Components Included w/the AMS kit:
  • AMS 304 SS Thick Wall Tubular header
  • Garrett GT True Dual Ball Bearing Turbocharger
  • SS 3" Tubular O2 housing
  • SS 3" Downpipe
  • Tial 38mm Wastegate (circulated back into the downpipe to keep the volume toned down)
  • High flow slim line fan
  • Lightweight 3" or 4" intake pipe with K&N cone filter for either MAF or standalone ECU applications
  • Lightweight Aluminum Lower Intercooler Pipe
  • Braided SS Oil Feed and Return Lines
  • Braided Silicone Coolant Lines
  • All necessary hardware and gaskets

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Mitsubishi EVOMSRPPrice
(2003-2007) GT850R- 700-750WHP- Spool 3700-4300RPM$4,499.95$4,399.95  Add to Cart
GT950R - 900-950WHP Spool 5000-5500 RPM ( PT6766 - Red WG/Recirculated WG/MAF/ACD Intake Pipe with BOV Recirculation Port/Red Race Motor Mount Insert) $5,098.10  Add to Cart
GT950R - 900-950WHP Spool 5000-5500 RPM (Blue WG/Open Dump Option/Speed Density Inake Pipe Option/SS Turbine Housing/Red Race Motor Mount Insert)$4,949.95$4,831.15  Add to Cart
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