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ATI ProCharger 3.8L Supercharger Kits

ProCharger supercharger kits for 94-04 3.8L Ford Mustang

With ProCharger technology, reliably adding big horsepower to your engine is a lot easier than you may think. Intercooler ProCharger systems utilize exclusive features and proven technology to deliver reliable 40-80% gains in horsepower and torque on your V6 Mustang while still running pump gas. ATI is the only company that has put stock 5.0's, LT1's, 4.6's and LS1's into the 11's, and routinely delivers 12-second ET's to completely stock TPI applications running pump gas. ATI is also the only company that guarantees the best performance gains. Nothing else even comes close! For modified street applications, ProCharger technology delivers 10-second ET's with the least amount of engine modifications - and with the supercharger still under warranty. These systems are 100% complete, and daily drivability is unchanged. Thanks to ProCharger's superior compressor efficiency and standard 2-row intercooler, these kits provide the coolest engine intake air temperatures ever. This exemplary durability led to the industry's best warranty coverage (the 3.8L Mustang application has a standard 12-month warranty, or an optional 36-month warranty foronly $49). The "other guys" don't warrant their kits for even 1 day.

All 3.8L kits use the P-1SC Competition Supercharger with a Patented friction reduction drive. It comes with a 5.1:1 step-up ratio, and has proven unmatched power and durability. This Supercharger can support up to 2300hp!

All Ford ATI ProCharger 3.8L Supercharger Kits
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Ford MustangMSRPPrice
(1994-1998) HO (11psi)$4,296.00$4,121.90  Add to Cart
HO (11psi) Polished charger$4,546.00$4,412.65  Add to Cart
HO (11psi), 3 row IC core$4,641.00$4,523.14  Add to Cart
(1999-2003) HO (5, 7psi)$4,646.00$4,457.72  Add to Cart
HO (5, 7psi) Polished charger$4,896.00$4,748.47  Add to Cart
HO (5, 7psi), 3 row IC core$4,991.00$4,858.96  Add to Cart
HO Tuner Kit (5, 7psi) Polished charger$4,696.00$4,556.58  Add to Cart
HO Tuner Kit (5, 7psi)$4,446.00$4,265.83  Add to Cart
HO Tuner Kit (5, 7psi), 3 row IC core$4,791.00$4,667.06  Add to Cart
Stage II (5, 7, 9, or 11psi) Polished charger$5,046.00$4,892.39  Add to Cart
Stage II (5, 7, 9, or 11psi)$4,796.00$4,436.30  Add to Cart
Stage II (5, 7, 9, or 11psi), 3 row IC core$5,141.00$5,002.88  Add to Cart
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