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Acura Aasco Lightweight Flywheels

AASCO Light Weight Flywheels are designed to improve the overall performance of your import. The replaceable friction surface will allow you to do away with resurfacing your flywheel ever again. The high tolerance manufacturing insures a perfect hassle-free installation. The flywheel is designed for normal street use for the every day performance enthusiasts. These flywheels are manufactured from the highest quality materials like 6061-T6 aluminum for the flywheel, treated steel for the heat shield (friction surface), and OEM quality starter ring gears. All flywheels come with a one year limited warranty.

All Acura Aasco Lightweight Flywheels
View All Acura CL Flywheels
Acura CLMSRPPrice
(1997-1999) 10lb.$429.00$407.55  Add to Cart
(2001-2003) Type-S 6-Speed Only$630.00$598.50  Add to Cart
View All Acura Integra Flywheels
Acura IntegraMSRPPrice
(1986-1989) 1.6L - 7lb. - Includes ZC Engines (ZC w/o Pilot Bearing & 22mm Crank Snout)$379.80$360.81  Add to Cart
(1990-2001) 1.7/1.8L - 8lb.$335.00$318.25  Add to Cart
View All Acura RSX Flywheels
Acura RSXMSRPPrice
(2002-2003) 2.0L (Except Type-S) - 8lb.$369.00$350.55  Add to Cart
2.0L - Type-S Only - 8lb.$369.00$350.55  Add to Cart
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All Aasco Lightweight Flywheels
Aasco Lightweight Flywheel Reviews
  (9.4 of 10) 5 Reviews    Write Review
1002/08/2013A4Works as advertised, has replaceable heat shield plate, and the customer service is excellent - what else do you need?!
1005/18/2009A4great part, i felt much improvement in performance
1007/21/2008SkylineGreat product!!
807/03/20073000GTGreat looking and operating product.

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