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AeroCatch Hood Pins

The new, aerodynamically efficient and asthetically styled AeroCatch is setting new standards in panel fixing for the 21st century, providing a wide variety of fixing solutions for the Motorsport, Specialist Vehicle, Marine, Transportation and Packaging industries.

The efficient shear pin locking operation evolved after many hours of 3D computer modelling. Prototypes proved all high performance design criteria had been met including security, functionality, safety, ease of installation and operation, aesthetic styling and optional secondary locking.

This ground breaking project was carried out in conjunction with XAT, the commercial engineering division of Exeter University. XAT were also charged with finding a suitable material that would operate under extreme conditions. A lightweight, glass reinforced engineering thermoplastic resulted, which robust, non-corrosive and can be spray-painted exactly as convential materials.

Kits Include:
  • AeroCatch Fastener: QTY 2
  • Strike Pins: Qty 2
  • M10 Half Nuts: Qty 4
  • M10 Washers: QTY 4
  • Bump Stops: Qty 2
  • Screws: Qty 12
  • M4 Nyloc Nuts: Qty 12
  • M4 Washers: Qty 12

Click the Links Below For Installation Instructions and Detailed Information.
How It Works
Flush Mounting
Plus Flush Mounting
Side Mounting
Hinged Mounting
Panel Preparation: Cutting
Panel Preparation: Bonding

Universal AeroCatch Hood Pins
Carbon Look Flush $106.96  Add to Cart
Carbon Look Flush Locking $133.95  Add to Cart
Carbon Look Plus Flush $106.96  Add to Cart
Carbon Look Plus Flush Locking $133.95  Add to Cart
Flush Black $74.93  Add to Cart
Flush Locking Black $92.99  Add to Cart
Flush Locking White$92.99$87.18  Add to Cart
Flush White$74.93$70.25  Add to Cart
Plus Flush Black$86.00$82.00  Add to Cart
Plus Flush Locking Black $92.99  Add to Cart
Plus Flush Locking White$92.99$87.18  Add to Cart
Plus Flush White $86.00  Add to Cart
AeroCatch Hood Pin Reviews
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1003/31/2012Took a while to install, simple because of trying to find the proper location for the hardware to be mounted to the vehicle. Having done one now, I could easily do it again in half of the time. I absolutely love that my VIS hood no longer vibrates while driving about 65 MPH. The hood is far more secure than it ever was with the latch that it came with. Plus, I have the locking feature on my latches, so I feel very secure about the safety of what is under the hood.
1004/01/2011Easy install on a carbon fiber hood. I personally know it holds at least up to 155 mph

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