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Agency Power EVO Blow Off Valve Kits

Knowing that the EVO has a very sensitive MAF which causes many BOV's not to work correctly, Agency Power turn to its design team to produce the first multi function and fully adjustable Blow Off Valve for the Mitsubishi EVO, 4G63, and other vehicles using 1.25 inch inlet and outlet flanges. Keeping the turbo spooled between shifts, holding boost pressure strong, and giving you adjustability is what the all new Agency Power Blow Off Valve offers you.

What makes the Agency Power Blow Off Valve above all others? The AP BOV is made in the USA and designed from the bottom up after analyzing the current market competitors. What they designed was a full T6061 CNC aluminum valve. The outlet flange is removable and can also work as a full vent to atmosphere position. The base is 1.25 inches in diameter and designed to be used with the factory hoses in the factory position. The brass nipple on the side is ridged to ensure the vacuum hose stays secure and has no leaks. The inside of the valve is operated with a piston and steel spring. The spring rate is manufactured to the correct rate for stock to aggressive boost levels.

The Agency Power BOV is a fully adjustable, fully rebuildable, and a completely useful device. The BOV is designed to be used with several different setups. The valve can be set up to vent 100% to the atmosphere or 50/50. This is where 50% of the air is returned to the intake pipe and 50% is vented out. As well, this valve can be setup as a 100% recirculation valve like stock. The valve includes the return line plug as well. We recommend this valve for daily drivers to high boost race cars.

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Mitsubishi EVOMSRPPrice
(2003-2005) 1.25 Flange -Black$275.00$247.50  Add to Cart
1.25 Flange -Red$275.00$247.50  Add to Cart
1.25 Flange -Silver$275.00$247.50  Add to Cart
(2008 and up) X - Black$275.00$247.50  Add to Cart
X - Red$275.00$247.50  Add to Cart
X - Silver$275.00$247.50  Add to Cart
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