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Agency Power WRX Modified Fuel Injectors

With more Subaru WRX 2.0L cars getting modified with bigger turbo's and more horsepower, it is essential to improve upon the factory fuel system. There are many different options for upgrading your fuel injectors on the market, and most of those options are costly. Agency Power now provides factory modified Subaru injectors that are tested to flow 740cc. This is a great option for cars pushing over 300 wheel horsepower.

How is this done? The modification process begins with first capping off the fuel inlet to prevent contamination. The screen is carefully removed by our processes. After removing the screen the injector tip is cleaned up to remove any machine filings and to insure a smooth surface that will not damage the seal. It is also recommended that new seals are used to prevent an air or fuel leak.

These injectors are available as BRAND NEW modified sets or we have a MAIL IN program available. Price is for a set of 4.

All Subaru Agency Power WRX Modified Fuel Injectors
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Subaru STiPrice
Modifed Injectors 816cc set of 4 (MAIL IN)$230.00  Add to Cart
Modifed Injectors 816cc set of 4 (New)$230.00  Add to Cart
View All Subaru WRX Fuel Injectors
Subaru WRXPrice
Modified Injectors 740cc (MAIL IN)$230.00  Add to Cart
Modified Injectors 740cc (New)$600.00  Add to Cart
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Parts Available: AP-GDBC-161, AP-GDBC-160, AP-GDA-161, AP-GDA-160