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Apexi Smart Accel Throttle Controllers

The APEXi SMART Accel Controller offers instant and direct throttle response for vehicles equipped with Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) Systems. Throttle response that is delayed from ETC or better known as Drive-by-wire throttle is greatly improved with this simple unit and a vehicle specific plug and play harness installation which is connected between the factory accelerator pedal sensor and wiring harness within a few minutes.

  • APEXi Original Accelerator Controller with 7-modes (3 ECO Modes, 2 Boost Modes, Lo-Throttle Mode, and Hi-Throttle Mode)
  • Simple and Easy push button switch design
  • Full-Color APEXi Logo LED Switch in 7 different colors per mode
  • Reverse-Gear cancel harness is an added safety feature that is an installation option to revert to factory throttle setting when reversing vehicle

ECO Mode
There are 3 ECO Mode options. Throttle response time will delay compared to factory throttle simulating the accelerator pedal being pressed gently which can result in fuel economic efficiency due to decreased initial load from the ouput of the accelerator pedal, in some cases can reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%. The ECO Mode can also be used to desensitize vehicles with abrupt throttle response from the factory, as seen on some vehicles such as the Toyota Tundra Truck.

Lo-Throttle Mode
Throttle response will delay from normal mode based upon throttle pedal percentage range. Throttle will react to how the user presses on the pedal between idle-to-full throttle range.

Boost Mode
Throttle response time will become quicker and results in improved accelerator pedal feel. Returns to normal mode once pedal is pressed to fully open throttle.

Hi-Throttle Mode
Improved throttle response based on throttle percentage range, in this mode throttle will respond as if depressing the pedal in full throttle. Returns to normal mode once pedal is pressed to fully open throttle.

Application Specific Harnesses

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Main Unit, Must purchase Vehicle Specific Harness$199.00  Add to Cart
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Scion FR-SPrice
(2013 and up) Harness$70.00  Add to Cart
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Subaru BRZPrice
(2013 and up) Harness$70.00  Add to Cart
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