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The NOIR (nwar) muffler was developed specifically with the diehard street car enthusiast in mind. Over the years it has became increasingly difficult to street drive a modified sport compact in some parts of the country. Staying low profile is an important issue to many street tuners who don t want to deal with the negative stigma sometimes associated with modified imports. The NOIR Muffler is designed to be quieter than a typical racing exhaust while its stealthy black coating minimizes your chances of generating attention from unwanted sources. The WS style canister and 100mm tip finish off the system with a classic sporty look without being over the top.

The WS NOIR Muffler is based on the "Original" World Sport Muffler Canister and Tip. It is finished with an all matte-black powder-coat from piping to tip.

  • Straight-Through Muffler Design on Turbo Applications.
  • Chambered Muffler Design on NA (Non-Turbo) Applications.
  • "APEXi" Logo Stamped on the side of the Muffler Tip.

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Apexi NOIR Exhaust System Reviews
  (9.2 of 10) 5 Reviews    Write Review
1005/01/2011240SXgreat sound from the ka24 or sr20, the best, very mellow. this is the exhaust nissan should have made from the factory!
1004/16/2010240SXGreat communication, low price, and fast shipping.
911/25/2009CivicInstall way very easy. Could use longer bolts for mounting it onto the CAT. I did see a improvement in acceleration. It is the product and good quality I expected. Its quite but is loud enough in the top end to be noticed.
810/30/2009PreludeI love this exhaust, with its near stock sound at idle and performance gain still noticable. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants the NA upgrade with out the rattle or whine of the other exhaust systems.
905/22/2007CivicI think this is absolutely the best exhaust for the Honda Civic on the market. Mellow, throaty (NOT ricey) sound. Matte black color stays away from the tin-can ricer look. It also has the best aftermarket fit I have seen. It would be absolutely perfect if it hung about 1" lower at the tail end so it wouldn't hit the undercarriage on really hard bumps. Also, I do wish it didn't have a 4" tip; a 3" tip would be plenty. As it is though, it is THE BEST exhaust on the market, especially for a true tuner/racer who wants to avoid confusion with the ricer crowd.

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