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Apexi EL System II Series Gauge Control Units

The EL II System Meters are the newest addition to the EL Meters lineup. The 60mm System Meters utilize a main control unit which constantly monitors the movement of all of the gauges. The control unit can activate the memory replay, warning, and peak hold functions with just one touch. The synchronized memory playback function was designed exclusively so that drivers did not need to individually start each meter before a race. A high speed CPU processor ensures accurate monitoring every time.

The main control unit can accommodate up to 6 meters. This gives the user unprecedented flexibility to decide what type of meter to add and how many. All meters come with a multi angle stand to allow easy reading from any vantage point. Since the main processor is not inside of the meter itself, A'PEXi engineers were able to slim down the meter casing so that it can be mounted virtually anywhere inside the cabin.

The high speed control unit processor also eliminates excess wires between the meter and unit. The EL backlit face uses a fresh new design that is easy to read.

Universal Apexi Gauge Control Units
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Apexi EL System II Series Gauge Control Unit Reviews
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1012/23/2006Product works well. Gauges are going ok
911/28/2004The gauge control unit had a simple yet attractive apperance. Install was very easy....splice one wire into a 12 volt power source, the other into a ground and plug in the harness to the back. Harness wire length was long enough to mount it away from the power/ground source if desired. Stick the double sided tape on the bottom of the unit and place it where you want it. The unit has a simplistic layout and is very easy to use. (The play back feature is the only catch. After recording data by pushing "memory", you must FIRST push "peak" and THEN push "memory" to play it back.) If I were to change anything about it I would have made it just a little bigger and increased the brightness of the back lighting makeing it a bright red. It is a soft "peach" color that is bright enough to see the buttons/text above buttons but still not very bright. Overall a quality, easy to use product.

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Parts Available: 403-A053