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Subaru Arias Piston Rings

ARIAS ring sets are packaged as single, four, six or eight cylinder sets. All ring sets are available as single sets or as open stock (top, second or oil). ARIAS offers Premium file-fit or Economy pre-gapped sets from select high-performance ring vendors. Each ring set is tailored for its specific application. ARIAS also offers ring sets not listed from virtually all OEM and extreme-duty ring suppliers. Call your ARIAS sales associate for selection and availability.

All Subaru Arias Piston Rings
View All Subaru Impreza Piston Rings
Subaru ImprezaPrice
EJ25 DOHC - 100.00mm Bore, 9.5 Comp Ratio$25.81  Add to Cart
EJ25 DOHC - 99.50mm Bore, 8.3 Comp Ratio$25.81  Add to Cart
View All Subaru WRX Piston Rings
Subaru WRXPrice
EJ20 DOHC - 92.50mm Bore, 7.3 Comp Ratio$25.81  Add to Cart
EJ20 DOHC - 92.50mm Bore, 8.7 Comp Ratio$25.81  Add to Cart
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All Arias Piston Rings
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Parts Available: 1215283937, 1215283917, 1215403642, 1215403642