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Autoloc Power Door Locks

POWER UP! With AutoLoc's power door lock conversion kits you can transform your manual door locks to automatic door locks in under an hour! Each kit is specifically designed and manufactured with the highest quality parts. Every kit comes with AutoLoc's limited LIFETIME WARRANTY.

AutoLoc's 2 Door Central Power Door Locking System is unique because it allows you to activate your locks using your original plungers, eliminating the need to mount switches in your door or fill in the hole left by your original door plungers. When the plunger in your drivers door is depressed or raised, or your key is turned, the other door in your vehicle automatically power locks or unlocks. This is easily accomplished because of AutoLoc's exclusive 5-wire actuators with built in micro-switches, which communicate with one another to act simultaneously, resulting in prompt, professional performance and easy installation.

GO KEYLESS! The CK2000 includes AutoLoc's famous KL600 Keyless Entry Unit which offers superior quality and ultra-compact design, but despite it's small size it is packed full of features. The KL600 is a 6-function unit which will lock and unlock your doors and still have four channels of output left for additional accessories such as trunk pop, windows up/down, remote start, or any future expansion you might have in mind. Features like Parking Light Outputs (2 flashes for lock, 1 flash for unlock), Code Rolling Technology, and a Starter Kill output (RA1000 relays required) ensure your vehicles security.

Universal Autoloc Power Door Locks
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Parts Available: CK2000, CK4000