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Autoloc Keyless Entry System Door Accessories

TAKE CONTROL! AutoLoc's exclusive 18 function KL1800 allows you to have total control over your vehicle from the palm of your hand. From one four button remote you can roll you windows up and down, unlock and lock your doors, trunk, or hood, open/close your sunroof, remote start, turn on your headlights, neon, or dome light, alarm, operate your stereo, or anything else you can think of. With 18 channels of accessory outputs, you'll only need one remote to control everything on your vehicle. AutoLoc's exclusive 4-button remotes make controlling 16 functions easy. No more pushing complicated button combinations, simply select the channel and send the signal. Each of the 18 available channels offers programmable pulse times, allowing you to choose between pulse, constant, and latching outputs.

AutoLoc's KL1800 also features:
  • Control 18 Functions From One Remote
  • Fully Programmable Outputs
  • Code Rolling Technology
  • Long-range Remotes
  • Smart Button Technology
  • Works W/ All Stellar Alarms
  • Visual Confirmation
  • Shaved Door Handle Mode
  • Built-in Door Lock Relay Technology
  • Independent Buttons
  • Code-learning
  • Parking Light Output
  • Starter Kill Output
  • Ignition Safety Mode
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Universal Autoloc Door Accessories
10 Function Keyless Entry W/Birt$201.50$155.00  Add to Cart
16 Function Keyless Entry W/Birt$221.00$170.00  Add to Cart
18 Function Keyless W/Birt$260.00$200.00  Add to Cart
4 Function Keyless Entry Unit$71.50$55.00  Add to Cart
5 Function Keyless W/Birt$120.00$90.00  Add to Cart
7 Function Keyless W/Birt$188.50$145.00  Add to Cart
8 Function Keyless Entry$129.99$90.00  Add to Cart
8 Function Keyless Entry Blister$117.00$90.00  Add to Cart
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