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Extend your batteries' life with Auto Meter's Battery Extender(TM). It's lightweight and compact design makes it portable and easy to store. The all metal casing provides excellent durability that will hold up to daily abuse. What really makes it special is its use of the microcontrolled charging system. This keeps your battery at its fullest possible charge and eliminates dips in power that can lead to battery sulfation, the leading cause of dead batteries. If you are looking into getting a battery charger/maintainer your search is over. Microcontrolled Charging 1 amp charge with 250 milliamp maintenance charge keeps your battery at a perfect full charge. Dead Battery Warning, Warns of bad cells or sulfated battery. Keep Your Battery Ready to Go Continuously maintains your battery at a safe charge level without risk of overcharging and boiling the battery. Maximizes Your Battery Life Extends the useful life of your battery by preventing premature sulfation, the number one battery killer.

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Universal Autometer Battery Chargers
(12 & 16 Volt) Include ring terminals and battery clip sets.$130.96$118.16  Add to Cart
(12 Volt) Include ring terminals and battery clip sets.$104.51$94.30  Add to Cart
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Parts Available: 9202, 9201