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Autometer Phantom Series EGT Gauges

The Full Sweep Electric gauge series from Auto Meter sets a new standard in gauge accuracy. The increased sweep makes quick glance viewing easy and the sensors used are designed specifically for high-performance applications. Auto Meter introduces new full sweep electric Boost/ Vacuum gauges and Nitrous Pressure gauges. An advancement in accuracy, these gauges use high-end sending units, designed for unmatched precision. The sender is designed with smart signal conditioning electronics that provide temperature compensation, and self calibrate each time the ignition is turned on. As the vehicle is powered up, an automatic adjustment reading is taken within the sender before the engine produces vacuum, to zero the pointer and to compensate for the correct atmospheric pressure. The full sweep, stepper motor gauges are resistant to vibration and provide smooth pointer movement. Electric nitrous pressure gauges are perfect for those who would like to avoid using braided steel line. This is especially nice for A-pillar pod mounting! A plug-in harness reduces installation time and trouble.

Universal Autometer EGT Gauges
(2 1/16") Electric (0-1600 F) White Face/Black Housing$182.67$133.35  Add to Cart
(2 5/8") Electric (0-1600 F) White Face/Black Housing$196.12$143.17  Add to Cart
Kit (2 1/16") Electric (0-1600 F) White Face/Black Housing$255.01$186.16  Add to Cart
Autometer Phantom Series EGT Gauge Reviews
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1011/27/2004it worked great... if you have a tubular manifold though... the probe may be to big i had to customize the fitting... for the screw part.. i welded it so i didnt have to screw it all the way down... if i did it would go right through the runners.. but overall its a great product!

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