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Autometer Pro Comp Series Fuel Pressure Gauges

Pro-Comp liquid-filled gauges are designed for racing applications having extreme vibration or violent pounding. The bourdon tube gauge mechanism is encased in dampening fluid. This protection not only provides steadiness to the pointer but also adds longer life to the instrument.

Electric Fuel Pressure Gauges can be safely mounted inside the driver's compartment without the need for an isolator. The Hi-Lo Memory model recalls the highest and lowest fuel pressures attained during the race. This highlight inconsistencies in fuel flow and allows you to make the necessary adjustments controlled from a remote box that can be conveniently mounted so a driver or crew member can review pressures later.

Monster dial faces allow quick glance engine monitoring for both competition and custom pro-street applications.

Universal Autometer Fuel Pressure Gauges
(2 5/8") Electric (0-15 PSI)$367.45$268.24  Add to Cart
(2 5/8") Mechanical (0-100 PSI) Require braided stainless steel line & mounting cups. Must be mounted outside of vehicle.$128.25$93.62  Add to Cart
(2 5/8") Mechanical (0-15 PSI)$128.25$93.62  Add to Cart
(2 5/8") Mechanical w/ Isolator (0-15 PSI) Requires braided stainless steel line to connect the isolator to the fuel source. May be installed inside vehicle by mounting isolator in engine compartment.$292.32$213.39  Add to Cart
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Parts Available: 5461, 5412, 5411, 5413