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Seven Color LED Illumination:
- Choose from Blue, White, Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, or Purple.

Full Dial Alert:
- Warns driver of critical conditions. Remote Control Operation:
- Program Warning Points: select color, dimming, demo, peak, record, & playback
- SD Memory card expansion slot

SD Card Capability:
- Record up to 11 minutes of data per megabyte
- Download recorded data to your PC for a graphical evaluation to identify performance enhancing opportunities with virtual gauge playback using N 1.0 software (Sold separately)
- Transfer custom startups, shutdowns, & demos
- Web Upgradeable Programming

N1.0 Network System:
- Proprietary digital communications network between gauges
- Single modular cable connections for easy installation and expandability

Peak Reading Recall & Run Recording Memory:
- Continuous peak data readings for each gauge on the N1.0 Network System.
- Record up to 35 sec of data, including engine RPM, with NEXUS internal recording memory

N1.0 Software:
- Evaluate and enhance your performance with Autometer's N1.0 Software offering you virtual dash graphical analysis and extended playback of your performance.

Universal Autometer Tachometers
(3 3/8") In Dash (requires #6400 sensor module)$286.65$214.99  Add to Cart
(3 3/8") Mini Monster (requires #6400 sensor module)$372.63$279.47  Add to Cart
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