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The Auto Meter Ultimate Playback(TM) tachometers take Playback technology to the limits. With the highest sampling rate available in Playback Tachometers, 100 samples per second, the Ultimate Tachometers are unmatched in playback accuracy. Auto Meter technology forges ahead taking Playback(TM) tachometers to an unprecedented level. The Generation 3 Dual Channel Playback Tach records BOTH engine and driveshaft RPM. This capability along with four stage shift-lite, 100 samples per second recording, and the new intelligent recording time make the Dual Channel Tachometer the most advanced Playback available. Runs can also be downloaded to a laptop or PC using the optional "Tach-Facts" software (must be purchased directly through Auto Meter). On drag race versions, during Playback, the Ultimate Playback tach can automatically freeze pointer and LED clock at the high and low RPM points for each shifts. This allows time to note the exact shift points and time between shifts. The time difference between the "Peak" and "Valley" will show if there is slippage in the clutch or transmission.

Model 6871 shown.

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Universal Autometer Tachometers
(5") Black (11K RPM) Dual$1,374.04$1,003.05  Add to Cart
(5") Black (9K RPM) Dual$1,371.21$1,000.98  Add to Cart
(5") Drag Single-Range (11K RPM)$954.55$696.82  Add to Cart
(5") Drag Single-Range (9K RPM) - Black$934.40$682.11  Add to Cart
(5") Drag Single-Range (9K RPM) - Silver$954.55$696.82  Add to Cart
(5") Silver (11K RPM) Dual$1,397.51$1,020.18  Add to Cart
(5") Silver (9K RPM) Dual$1,397.51$1,020.18  Add to Cart
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Parts Available: 6883, 6881, 6875, 6871, 6874, 6885, 6884