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Blitz SBC I-D Boost Controllers

The Sequential Boost Controller i-D (SBC i-D) is the latest boost controller offer by BLITZ. this unique boost controller represents the cutting edge in boost controller technology. The SBC i-D features the same dual solenoid design as the DSBC for maximum boost response and the capability to hold up to 36.75psi (2.5 bar). The SBC i-D is 1/2 din size and it is compatible with internal actuators and external wastegates.

-Boost Unit: Boost can be displayed in standard and metric measurements (PSI, bar, kPa, and kg/cm2)
-Four Channels: Has 4 different programmable boost settings.
-Boost Gauge: The SBC i-D can display boost in digital and graphical form.
-Peak Hold: SBC i-D can record the highest boost achieved by the vehicle.
-Boost Warning and Limiter: This is a safety function that allows the operator to set the amount of boost decrease in the event of over boost. Warning is in both visual and audible.
-Manual or Automatic boost setting: The SBC i-D allows the user the choose how the boost is set.
-Manual: Sets boost in ratio, from 0-100. By using the manual setting, this allows the boost controller to give maximum boost response.
-Automatic: Sets boost directly, just dial in desired boost amount.
-Record and Replay: SBC i-D has the ability to record and replay any information up to 99 seconds. The SBC i-D can also record and replay information on the Power Meter i-D and Optional Data (Power Meter i-D and SBC Optional Harness required). Replay can be fast forwarded and replayed in 2x and 5x.
-Display: The SBC i-D can display up to 6 different vehicle reading. Each reading can be display in both digital and graph form. SBC i-D has the option to display 5 other vehicle reading (Power Meter i-D and SBC Optional Harness required). With Power Meter i-D, the SBC i-D can display SPEED and POWER. With SBC Optional Harness, the SBC i-D can display 3 different electronic outputs from the ECU.
-Boost: Digital and Graph Form
-OPT1/SPEED: (Power Meter i-D required to display speed) V Digital and Graphic form. -OPT2/POWER: (Power Meter i-D required to display power) - Digital and Graphic form. -DATA 1: (SBC Optional Harness required) - Digital and Graphic form.
-DATA 2: (SBC Optional Harness required) - Digital and Graphic form.
-DATA 3: (SBC Optional Harness required) - Digital and Graphic form.
-DATA 1-3 Display: This boost controller has the ability to display any electronic output from the vehicle ECU (SBC Optional Harness required). It can display almost any voltage output from the computer (i.e.: TPS, temperature, pressure, A/F, injector pulse and etc.). DATA 1-3 readings can also be recorded and replayed. -Speed Map: This unique feature allows the SBC i-D to control boost according to the speed of the vehicle (Power Meter i-D required). Speed Map boost control can be set up from a 2 stage to a 4 stage control, which allows the user to set boost according to his driving style. Speed in transfer by infrared between the Power Meter iD and SBC i-D

Universal Blitz Boost Controllers
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Blitz SBC I-D Boost Controller Reviews
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906/28/2004excellent part.....about a 4 out of 10 for installation difficulty.....huge HP gains, and even more with new injectors!

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