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Blox Billet Cam Seals

All BLOX Racing cam seals are CNC-machined from high quality billet aluminum and feature three O-rings. Each piece is anodized for durability and offers maximum protection against oil leaks compared to OEM or other aftermarket cam seals.

Strongly recommended when servicing, removing or replacing camshafts.

All Acura Blox Billet Cam Seals
View All Acura Integra Cam Seals
Acura IntegraPrice
(1994-2001) B18C - Red (Version 2)$13.90  Add to Cart
B18C- Black$13.90  Add to Cart
B18C- Blue$13.90  Add to Cart
B18C- Gold$13.90  Add to Cart
B18C- Polished$13.90  Add to Cart
B18C- Red$13.90  Add to Cart
B18C- Silver$13.90  Add to Cart
All Honda Blox Billet Cam Seals
View All Honda Civic Cam Seals
Honda CivicPrice
(1999-2000) B16A- Black$13.90  Add to Cart
B16A- Blue$13.90  Add to Cart
B16A- Gold$13.90  Add to Cart
B16A- Red$13.90  Add to Cart
B16A- Silver$13.90  Add to Cart
View All Honda Prelude Cam Seals
Honda PreludePrice
(1992-2001) H22A - Silver$13.90  Add to Cart
H22A- Black$13.90  Add to Cart
H22A- Blue$13.90  Add to Cart
H22A- Gold$13.90  Add to Cart
H22A- Gunmetal$13.90  Add to Cart
H22A- Purple$13.90  Add to Cart
H22A- Red$13.90  Add to Cart
H22A- Silver$13.90  Add to Cart
Blox Billet Cam Seal Reviews

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