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Boost Logic Godzilla Turbo Kit

Boost Logic has spent 6 months researching and developing a high output twin turbo kit for the Nissan GTR. The development goal of the kit being maximum power, efficiency and reliability while maintaining bolt on fitment, is now available to ship worldwide. The Boost Logic GTR turbo kit is built around two of Precision's HP Technology series turbochargers featuring billet compressor wheel technology. The Turbochargers are sized for each application to suit the way the customer uses their vehicle, with power outputs ranging from 650 to over 1500 wheel horse power. What sets the Boost Logic kit apart from the competition is the hand fabricated stainless steel manifolds. These manifolds are made in house out of equal length 1 1/4th ID schedule 40 tubing feeding into a proper merge collector with Precision CNC'd V-band flanges for both the turbocharger and waste gate. Two Precision 46mm waste gates divert excess exhaust pressure and return the gasses into the 304 stainless steel downpipes via flex sectioned return tubes. Also supplied with the kit are intercooler pipes required to adapt the kit to your current piping and 3in intakes, which are mirror polished after being hand fabricated and TIG welded.

The Boost Logic R&D GTR has broken record after record using this kit. Making 823WHP at 26psi its currently one of the highest horsepower GTRs in the world. It held the quarter mile trap speed record at 140.3MPH on its first outing to the track and currently holds the standing mile record for the GTR at an incredible 203.6MPH. All accomplished on a stock internal, stock transmission GTR.

The Boost Logic Turbo Kit:
  • Precision HP Technology Billet Turbochargers (55/58/60/62mm)
  • Precision 46mm Waste gates
  • Boost Logic 1 1/4 Tubular Headers
  • Boost Logic Downpipes with Wastegate Recirculation
  • Standard High Temp Coating on Headers/Turbine Housings/Downpipes
  • Boost Logic Intercooler Piping
  • Boost Logic 3in Intake Tubing (Available without MAFs)
  • Oil Feed and Return Lines
  • Black Silicone Couplers and Clamps
Optional: -MAF Delete -Ceramic ball bearing center cartridge - HP 67/65 Turbochargers (Over 1500whp capability) - Ceramic ball bearing center cartridge for HP67/65

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Nissan GT-RPrice
(2009 and up) Billet 62 Upgrade *Add-on to GodZilla Turbo Kit*$1,200.00  Add to Cart
Custom GT37 with Billet Wheel Upgrade *Add-on to GodZilla Turbo Kit*$2,000.00  Add to Cart
GodZilla Turbo Kit GT30r Standard$10,999.00  Add to Cart
GTx30 Upgrade *Add-on to GodZilla Turbo Kit*$1,000.00  Add to Cart
GTx35 Upgrade *Add-on to GodZilla Turbo Kit*$1,500.00  Add to Cart
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