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Brembo GT 8 Piston Big Brake Kits

Brembo Gran Turismo (GT) 8 Piston Systems provide excellent stopping power in everyday traffic, but are insane on the track. You just can't get any better than these. They are fully compatible with the vehicles stock brake master cylinder and anti-lock braking system (ABS).

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While most Brembo Gran Turismo Brake System packages have been developed specifically to replace the vehicle s front brakes (due to the high braking demands encountered there), rear brake systems are also offered for selected applications. For vehicles not offering a Gran Turismo System for the rear axle, Brembo Sport brake rotors (slotted or drilled) are available to replace the stock rotors on the rear axle and provide a matched appearance on all four corners of the vehicle.

Gran Turismo Brake Systems packages combine high performance fixed aluminum brake calipers, large diameter 1- or 2-piece vented brake rotors, brake pads, stainless steel braided brake lines and aircraft quality mounting brackets and hardware. (See photo and chart below.) Brake caliper and rotor sizes are selected based on the vehicles requirements. In most cases, the aluminum calipers are available in red, sliver or black finishes. Additionally, the rotors feature drilled or slotted disc surfaces depending on the vehicle application and brake system selected. All cross-drilled holes are bi-angle chamfered at the rotors outer surfaces to help reduce the cracking caused by repeated, high stress, high temperature brake applications. Gran Turismo brake discs are coated for corrosion resistance to help eliminate rust and to offer a bold, aggressive appearance to enhance the look of the vehicles road wheels.

8 Piston Monobloc Caliper

1-Piece Drilled/Vented Rotors

2-Piece Drilled/Vented Rotors

2-Piece Slotted/Vented Rotors

1 - Requires minor modification to the OEM steering knuckle.
2 - Requires minor modification to the OEM steering knuckle and use of included custom hubs.
3 - 1995 E36 M3 models require minor modification to the lower control arm outboard of the ball joint.
4 - This system consists only of 2-piece disc assemblies which directly replace the OEM discs.
5 - Requires significant modification to the OEM knuckle.
6 - This system eliminates the parking brake function.
7 - This system is to be used ONLY with OEM rear brakes, not to be used with the rear upgrade kit.
8 - This system requires separate hand-brake kit as listed or parking brake function is eliminated.
9 - Kit is special order, please allow 4-6 for delivery

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