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Carbonetic Carbon Limited Slip LSD Differentials

The world famous Carbonetic Carbon LSD provides linear and stable traction during acceleration and deceleration, and regardless of road conditions and driving style, it yields the ideal line preferred by the driver. The carbon LSDs are suitable for street, circuit racing, drifting, dirt trials, auto-cross, and rallies.

CARBONETIC Carbon LSD Benefits
  • More than twice the differential lock strength of metal LSDs
    • High carbon friction material increases the coefficient of friction
    • Friction coefficient of metal plate in oil: 0.05 ~ 0.15
    • Friction coefficient of carbon plate in oil: 0.25 ~ 0.35
  • Low initial drag resistance with reliable performance - surpasses more than 5 times that of metal LSDs
  • Acceleration control range in excess of 10 times that of metal LSDs
    • Vehicle will remain on track in and out of turns for exacting driving control
  • More than 30 times the thermal decomposition resistance of metal LSDs
    • Promotes increased driving skill - repeated time attacks or under loads of performance cars
  • More than 70 times the service life of metal LSDs
  • Virtually noiseless performance
  • Compatible with automatic transmission vehicles

Honda Notes:
  • 6- Reinforced chrome-moly bolt set (R7A14-27) is recommended. For S2000, ACROSS recommends the carbon LSD except for the drifting competition or drag racing.
  • 10- The stock ring gear bolts are required. Please refer to the Across.

Mitsubishi Notes:
  • 8- Cannot be installed if the car is equipped with AYC.
  • 17- A minor modification on the viscous coupling is necessary. Please refer to ACROSS for the information.
  • 18- Currently only applicable to Evo with ACD system.
  • 19-It does not fit for Evo 8MR.

Toyota Notes:
  • 1-@Applies to splines with 30 teeth. For RZ model before 96 (early model) with 35 teeth spline, need a different LSD.

Mazda Notes:
  • 2- Sideflange (P019-27-270B) x2, Circlip (P016-27-421) x2 are required.

Nissan Notes:
  • 36- There is no need to change the side flanges. Come with a new bearing installed and with oil seals. Fit a car equipped with the viscous LSD and with side flanges with 29 teeth.
  • 43- Comes with a new bearing installed and oil seal.

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