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Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch Kits

Generates up to a 90% increase in holding capacity over stock systems. This clutch/disc set is designed for use with engines producing 'high horsepower and torque' output, and any radically altered high performance street vehicles. All Centerforce clutch systems provide smooth engagement and light pedal pressure without compromising high performance.

All Ford Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch Kits
View All Ford Bronco Clutch Kits
Ford BroncoMSRPPrice
(1969) 302 V8$529.95$422.16  Add to Cart
View All Ford Thunderbird Clutch Kits
Ford ThunderbirdMSRPPrice
(1989) Supercharged 3.8 Liter$504.95$393.89  Add to Cart
All Honda Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch Kits
View All Honda Civic Clutch Kits
Honda CivicMSRPPrice
(1988) 1.5L WAGON 5 SPD 2WD D15 ENG.$385.95$307.18  Add to Cart
All Jeep Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch Kits
View All Jeep Wrangler Clutch Kits
Jeep WranglerMSRPPrice
(2007-2008) 3.8L$582.25$477.33  Add to Cart
All Lexus Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch Kits
View All Lexus IS300 Clutch Kits
Lexus IS300MSRPPrice
(2001-2005) 2JZ-GE - w/ Factory Flywheel$637.95$484.75  Add to Cart
(2002-2005) 2JZ-GE - w/ Single Mass Flywheel $410.60  Add to Cart
All Nissan Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch Kits
View All Nissan Maxima Clutch Kits
Nissan MaximaMSRPPrice
(1999-2001) 3.0L V6$517.95$421.39  Add to Cart
View All Nissan Patrol Clutch Kits
Nissan PatrolMSRPPrice
(1979) Clutch Kits$953.95$764.49  Add to Cart
All Toyota Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch Kits
View All Toyota Tacoma Clutch Kits
Toyota TacomaMSRPPrice
(1995-2004) 3.4L 5VZFE V-6 ENG. 2 & 4WD$711.95$553.66  Add to Cart
Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch Kit Reviews
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905/14/20073000GTPart fit well on my 3000GT. No problems installing it. This clutch has a very light pedal, it was almost as light as the worn out clutch I was replacing (like I hadn't replaced it). But, once I got use to it, I like how it feels, and in traffic, it actually is easier to drive. It has a very sharp ingagement. It feels like you are going to grind it, but then it catches and immidiately transfer power. There is no delay. No exactly a racing clutch, but I think I made a good choice and that this will last a long time. I would buy it again.
912/25/2006MX-6This has to be the best feeling clutch i have ever Used, I have had it about a year or so and it is still going strong. I think it just got broken in actually, It holds great, Has a nice buttery feel to its engage/disengagement, and is an all around good buy. I origionally bought it so i wouldn't have to keep buying stock clutches, it has held up to both street and strip driving quite well. In any case if you do get a "race grade" clutch, Get this one, it's a very nice buy for performance, and everyday driving. I would like to thank HPF for selling this product at such a great price. I will also state that i will be doing most, if not all of my transmission related shopping through these guys.
911/27/2006RX-8Performed great - faster take off at the line great - installed very nice and easy

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