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Cipher is offering its new line of universal racing seats. This new line of racing seats offer great comfort while giving you sensible style without being too gaudy. Realizing the negative direction the tuner market has gone Cipher has done their best to produce clean and minimalist designs for their racing seats. With sensible style and a memory foam cushion for comfort, Cipher universal racing seats are like no other.

Cipher Auto as a company is a relative new-comer to the long standing automotive and tuner market, but their founding members, employees, factories all have years of experience each on their side. With 10+ years of mixed experience within and all over the automotive industry, they recognize the direction of the industry and do their best to innovate and produce products that people will actually want. They have taken their experience and effort and put it into making clean and tasteful racing seats. Extra attention is given to the details by using specific colored combination stitching with different types of seat material. Providing racing seats that are also inspired by such brands as Sparco, Recaro, Bride and other premium brands, the end result is a racing seat that will not disappoint.

Even with great style and comfort, you may be asking yourself "why should I buy racing seats?" Well simply put, aftermarket racing seats offer many perks that OEM car seats cannot offer. They give you ability to show your individuality through custom choices of colors, stitching, material, and design. Why be like the rest? They also weigh less and offer more support in the necessary areas, both of which are good for performance and tuner vehicles. With all these great perks you may be ready to purchase racing seats, but you may still be wondering why should I buy Cipher Auto racing seats, well, do you really want to be buying racing seats from companies that produce tasteless seats?

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Universal Cipher Auto Seats
D1 - Black/Blue Cloth$299.99  Add to Cart
D1 - Black/Red Cloth$299.99  Add to Cart
F1 - Black/Gray Cloth$399.00  Add to Cart
F1 - Black/Red Cloth$399.00  Add to Cart
Fighter - Black$324.99  Add to Cart
GT5 - Black Cloth$299.99  Add to Cart
GT5 - Black PVC$299.99  Add to Cart
GT5 - Carbon Fiber$349.99  Add to Cart
LUXE - Black/Gray$299.99  Add to Cart
LUXE - Black/Suede$349.99  Add to Cart
N1 - Black/Gray$299.99  Add to Cart
N1 - Black/Red$299.99  Add to Cart
N1 - Black/White$299.99  Add to Cart
N1 - Black/White Outer$299.99  Add to Cart
Type-R - Black and Gray Cloth$299.99  Add to Cart
Type-R - Black Cloth$299.99  Add to Cart
Type-R - Black/Red$324.99  Add to Cart
Type-R - PVC Vinyl$299.99  Add to Cart
Cipher Auto Racing Seat Reviews
  (7.3 of 10) 3 Reviews    Write Review
504/23/2013Missing 1 bolt for the seat brackets. Cloth on one seat is loose and looks like a wrinkle.
902/09/2013The quality of these seats are excellent, way better than stock subaru. super nice side and and back support. They look awesome . Also they come in left and right so the recline handles are were they should be. This pitcher does not represent the true color the outer black is kind of a heavy cloth seems very durable. The inner silver is beautiful kinda carbon fiber look euro mesh. I researched racing seats for 2 months before i bought these . BUT!! although they come with slide rails they wont fit any factory mounting. This is the way it is!! You can buy mounting frames but i custom made my own so i could use the stock subaru adjusters. PS is a lot harder to slide in and out because of the side bolsters. Tight on the hips and might be uncomfortable for big guys.
804/22/2012For the price great seats. If you can afford some nicer ones go with it if not these are great also. couldnt find brakets to fit these seats took a couple of hours made my own. HPF ROCKS!!!

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