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Clutch Masters Stage 3 FX300 Clutch Kit Zoom
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Clutch Masters

Clutch Masters Stage 3 FX300 Clutch Kit

The FX300 System uses the Power Plus I Pressure Plate with a Steel Back Segmented Kevlar disc. This clutch is designed for the ultimate street enthusiast or weekend racer running a normally aspirated car equipped with cylinder head work and/or hotter cam(s), or with medium-boost turbo or super-charger, or up to 100hp NO2. The FX300 features only slightly increased pedal pressure, long life disc and positive engagement.

All Clutch Masters systems come complete with:
  • Pressure Plate.
  • Clutch Disc.
  • Throw-out Bearing (when applicable).
  • Pilot Bearing or Bushing (when applicable).
  • Its
  • Alignment Tool.

  • A: Best Road Race(High Power)
  • B: Best Street StriP
  • C: Drag Only
  • D: Harsh Engagement
  • E: Heavy Pedal
  • F: Long Life (No Road Race or Autocross)
  • G: Moderate Abuse, Moderate Power Best Road Race / Autocross
  • H: Quick Engagement, Moderate Power
  • I: Significant Break-In Required
  • J: Smooth Engagement
  • K: X-Treme, No Street
  • X: Extreme clamp load
  • L: Bonded Organic/Kevlar mix for street applications.
  • M: Compressed Ceramic Bronze for full race applications.
  • N: Available with Steel or Aluminum Flywheel.
  • O: Customer will need to purchase OEM Automatic Flywheel from dealer.
  • P: Kit only includes cover assembly and disc.
  • R: OEM style disc - Best with OEM flywheeel
  • S: Solid flywheeel required, Does not work with factory flywheel
  • W: Will Work With Assco Flywheel
  • *: Push Type Conversion w/ Steel Flywheel (Includes Release Bearing)
  • **: Push Type Conversion w/ Steel Flywheel (Without Release Bearing)
  • #: w/ External Slave Cylinder (Except Passat)
  • ##: w/ Internal Slave Cylinder
  • AL: w/ Aluminum Flywheel
  • SF: w/ Steel Flywheel

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All Clutch Masters Stage 3 FX300 Clutch Kits
Clutch Masters Stage 3 FX300 Clutch Kit Reviews
  (9.3 of 10) 10 Reviews    Write Review
707/09/2012CaymanMatch revs are a pain with this clutch!
905/07/2012RSXClutch is smoother than i expected. Cant wait to see how it handle the turbo USPS option should be available for international ordres. UPS or FedEx charge enormous amount of duty
1008/17/2011MiataWithout a doubt the best clutch of its type on the market! A little touchy for ther first few hundred miles then, OMFG Super smooth engagement, Light pedal feel, and tight as a drum at 8000+ RPM. Most other street clutches are junk to me now. 100% Clutchmasters 4 LIFE...
1005/09/2011xAInstaled this clutch on my 05 Toyota Echo hatch with my Fidanza flywheel and Scion XB tranny (4.3fd). Work very well! I like it :D Very easy to drive on a daily driver!
810/31/2009EclipseIt did not come with a throwout bearing like it said it does, was pretty disapointed
1011/29/2007ImpulseOnly 30 miles in and it feels like a stock with regards to pedal feel. Does not slip, chatter, grind or make any noises. Fitment was 100% and required no shimming or modification of any kind. Clutch engages similar to stock but will bite harder upon over-releasing the pedal. Product has not been tested with high RPM launches but it will hold under at least 14psi on an AWD, which my vehicle is running. Highly recommend this item and HPF!!!
1011/24/2006WRXAbsolute gain in performance, gained 15HP on APEXi RSM.
1006/10/2006IntegraFull abuse on strip and street possible with this clutch, no jokes with this on you vehicle. The civic engine this was bolted on is running 12500RPM tops. The plates hold perfect for about 5 months now. Will never buy another competitive brand for this money.
10 Reviews
Parts Available: 03-055-HDTZ-R, 03-055-HDTZ-S, 03-055-HDTZ-AL