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Saturn Clutch Masters Stage 4 FX400 4 Puck Clutch Kit

The FX400 System uses the Power Plus I Pressure Plate with a custom, extremely durable, Sprung Ceramic disc. This is the ultimate extreme duty street and/or road/drag racing system. It is available in a 4 or 6 puck (paddle) configuration, with the 4-puck being the more aggressive setup. The Clutch kits listed here are 4Puck kits. Click Here to browse FX400 6Puck kits. The sprung hub design allows for moderate dampening in high-torque applications, rendering it much more streetable than solid or rigid designs. This disc is designed for long life, outstanding holding capacity, and rapid heat dissipation.

Warning: The Ceramic disc engages very quickly and may chatter slightly upon starting from a stop.


  • Pressure Plate.
  • Clutch Disc.
  • Throw-out Bearing (when applicable).
  • Pilot Bearing or Bushing (when applicable).
  • Alignment Tool.

  • A: Best Road Race(High Power)
  • B: Best Street StriP
  • C: Drag Only
  • D: Harsh Engagement
  • E: Heavy Pedal
  • F: Long Life (No Road Race or Autocross)
  • G: Moderate Abuse, Moderate Power Best Road Race / Autocross
  • H: Quick Engagement, Moderate Power
  • I: Significant Break-In Required
  • J: Smooth Engagement
  • K: X-Treme, No Street
  • X: Extreme clamp load
  • L: Bonded Organic/Kevlar mix for street applications.
  • M: Compressed Ceramic Bronze for full race applications.
  • N: Available with Steel or Aluminum Flywheel.
  • O: Customer will need to purchase OEM Automatic Flywheel from dealer.
  • P: Kit only includes cover assembly and disc.
  • R: OEM style disc - Best with OEM flywheeel
  • S: Solid flywheeel required, Does not work with factory flywheel
  • W: Will Work With Assco Flywheel
  • *: Push Type Conversion w/ Steel Flywheel (Includes Release Bearing)
  • **: Push Type Conversion w/ Steel Flywheel (Without Release Bearing)
  • #: w/ External Slave Cylinder (Except Passat)
  • ##: w/ Internal Slave Cylinder
  • AL: w/ Aluminum Flywheel
  • SF: w/ Steel Flywheel

All Saturn Clutch Masters Stage 4 FX400 4 Puck Clutch Kits
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(2003-2006) 6 Cyl. 2.2L - Footnotes: D,A,S$775.00$697.50  Add to Cart
(2005-2006) Red Line 4 Cyl. 2.0L Ecotec Supercharged - Footnotes: D,A$775.00$697.50  Add to Cart
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All Clutch Masters Stage 4 FX400 4 Puck Clutch Kits
Clutch Masters Stage 4 FX400 4 Puck Clutch Kit Reviews
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1001/09/2007EclipseThis clutch is freaking amazing! If your light on the foot it engages as smooth as stock, but when you need it, it holds ALL the power! (500 HP)

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