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Pontiac Clutch Masters Stage 5 FX500 4 Puck Clutch Kits

The versatile FX500 System uses either the Power Plus I or Power Plus II Pressure Plate along with a solid center 4 or 6 puck(image below) Ceramic Button disc. It is designed for maximum holding capacity with no compromises

Warning: The FX500 is a Solid Hub disc that engages and disengages instantly and may chatter upon starting from a stop. This is a Race Only Clutch.

All Clutch Masters systems come complete with:
  • Pressure Plate.
  • Clutch Disc.
  • Throw-out Bearing (when applicable).
  • Pilot Bearing or Bushing (when applicable).
  • Alignment Tool.

  • A: Best Road Race(High Power)
  • B: Best Street StriP
  • C: Drag Only
  • D: Harsh Engagement
  • E: Heavy Pedal
  • F: Long Life (No Road Race or Autocross)
  • G: Moderate Abuse, Moderate Power Best Road Race / Autocross
  • H: Quick Engagement, Moderate Power
  • I: Significant Break-In Required
  • J: Smooth Engagement
  • K: X-Treme, No Street
  • X: Extreme clamp load
  • L: Bonded Organic/Kevlar mix for street applications.
  • M: Compressed Ceramic Bronze for full race applications.
  • N: Available with Steel or Aluminum Flywheel.
  • O: Customer will need to purchase OEM Automatic Flywheel from dealer.
  • P: Kit only includes cover assembly and disc.
  • R: OEM style disc - Best with OEM flywheeel
  • S: Solid flywheeel required, Does not work with factory flywheel
  • W: Will Work With Assco Flywheel
  • *: Push Type Conversion w/ Steel Flywheel (Includes Release Bearing)
  • **: Push Type Conversion w/ Steel Flywheel (Without Release Bearing)
  • #: w/ External Slave Cylinder (Except Passat)
  • ##: w/ Internal Slave Cylinder
  • AL: w/ Aluminum Flywheel
  • SF: w/ Steel Flywheel

All Pontiac Clutch Masters Stage 5 FX500 4 Puck Clutch Kits
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Pontiac VibeMSRPPrice
(2003-2007) 4 Cyl. 1.8L 1Zz Eng - Footnotes: C,D$393.00$353.70  Add to Cart
Gt 4 Cyl. 1.8L 2Zz Eng. 6 Speed - Footnotes: C,D$393.00$353.70  Add to Cart
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All Clutch Masters Stage 5 FX500 4 Puck Clutch Kits
Clutch Masters Stage 5 FX500 4 Puck Clutch Kit Reviews
  (9.5 of 10) 2 Reviews    Write Review
912/24/2006Civicperforms very well. All the clutch you may need for a single cam, and can be street driven
1006/29/2006240SXWith this clutch I pulled 2 1.60 60' and several 1.6X 60' times with it.Great clutch if you don't mind an on/off clutch. This clutch did not slip at all when making 419 whp and 386 ftlbs to the wheels and 6000rpm clutch dump on 275 width drag radials, with a welded diff. I give this clutch 2 thumbs up and the price is great.

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