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Lexus Clutch Masters Lightened Flywheels

Reduced rotating mass equals increased acceleration! A Clutch Masters lightweight flywheel works particularly well with turbo-charged engines because it reduces typical turbo lag. Supercharged engines benefit from the increased efficiency caused by removing parasitic drag on the crank. Naturally aspirated engines can also experience improved mid-range torque due to not having to overcome the heavy weight of a stock flywheel.

All Lexus Clutch Masters Lightened Flywheels
View All Lexus ES250 Flywheels
Lexus ES250MSRPPrice
(1990-1991) 2.5L 6 cyl.$445.00$400.50  Add to Cart
View All Lexus IS300 Flywheels
Lexus IS300MSRPPrice
(2002-2005) 3.0L$520.00$468.00  Add to Cart
View All Lexus SC300 Flywheels
Lexus SC300MSRPPrice
(1992-1997) 3.0L 6 cyl.$473.00$425.70  Add to Cart
3.0L 6 cyl.$473.00$425.70  Add to Cart
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All Clutch Masters Lightened Flywheels
Clutch Masters Lightened Flywheel Reviews
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1003/08/2013LancerAfter searching for 2 months none stop I was finally able to find and get the flywheel I needed. Several other companies either didn't have it in stock after saying they did or there were fitment issues. With this one there were absolotely no issues. The flywheel fit perfectly with no problems at all and has made a noticeable difference in the performance of my car. I am completely satisfied and would recommend this part for others.
1003/10/2012STithank you sir
902/28/2007WRXThe flywheel is a perfect item to purchase with clutchkit from Clutchmasters. it shaved 0,3sec of my time from 0-100km/hr. fits perfect!
911/07/2006240SXThere were some problems fitting this item on my car, ended up taking it into the dealer to get fitted.
1010/25/2006EclipseThis flywheel is awesome. Your can really tell the difference!

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Parts Available: FW-725-AL, FW-607-3AL, FW-607-AL, FW-607-AL