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Constructed of billet aluminum, and anodized a vibrant COBB blue, the shifter retains full reverse lockout functionality as well as delivers customizable shift knob height and throw potential. The knob height is adjusted by loosening the two flush mounted stainless socket head screws in the upper billet body, sliding the upper shaft until the desired height is acheived, and then tightening the hardware again. The throw is adjusted by unbolting and moving the forward pivot ball into one of the other pre tapped positions. The top most position will provide a 30% reduction in lever throw. The COBB Short Throw Shifter is compatible with the factory shift knob as well as any aftermarket knobs that are modeled after the stock unit.

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(2007 and up)
MAZDASPEED3 - DAST Shifter$275.00  Add to Cart
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short shifter$175.00  Add to Cart
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XT$135.00  Add to Cart
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Short Shifters$135.00  Add to Cart
Short Shifters$135.00  Add to Cart
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