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Cusco Zero-2 Coilovers

Cusco Zero-2 Coilovers are highly adjustable, allowing you to tune the suspension to provide your desired ride on road or track. 5-way adjustable dampers, excellent tailor-made spring rates, rust-resistant stainless steel outer casing, and a double-adjustable ride height body all combine to give you the best coilover on the market. Shock travel is consistent despite changes in ride height, and you can corner-balance your car without affecting spring pre-load. This is the ultimate street/track coilover.
  • Height adjustment without compromising stroke length
  • Adjustable to accommodate changing conditions such as road surface and weather
  • Settings allow use to take advantage of various tire compounds
  • Comfortable enough to use in a daily driven vehicle yet aggressive enough to be competitive at the track

  • 5 Setting Recommendations
  • Stage 1 or 2: For use w/everyday daily driving
  • Stage 3 or 4: For use w/High Grip Tires
  • Stage 4 or 5: For use w/R Compounds

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(1992-1995) EG6- 8k Front/6k Rear; A-RG Front/A-RG Rear$2,454.00$2,208.60  Add to Cart
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(2003-2008) V35- 9k Front/6k Rear; A-RG Front/A-RG Rear$2,413.00$2,051.05  Add to Cart
V35- 9k Front/6k Rear; Rubber Upper Mounts$2,374.00$2,017.90  Add to Cart
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(1986-1992) FC3S- 7k Front/6k Rear; P-AJ Front/A-RG Rear $2,774.00$2,357.90  Add to Cart
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(2003-2008) Z33- 10k Front/7k Rear; A-RG Front/P-RG Rear$2,694.00$2,289.90  Add to Cart
Z33- 10k Front/7k Rear; Rubber Upper Mounts$2,374.00$2,136.60  Add to Cart
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(2000-2004) BH5- 8k Front/6k Rear; Rubber Upper Mounts$2,614.00$2,221.90  Add to Cart
(2003-2007) BP9 GT- Rubber Upper Mounts$2,352.00$1,999.20  Add to Cart
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(1991-1999) SW20- 5k Rear/8k Front; P-RG Rear/A-RG Rear$2,714.27$2,307.13  Add to Cart
(2000-2005) ZZW30- 5k Front/8k Rear; P-AJ Front/A-RG Rear$3,228.08$2,743.87  Add to Cart
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